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Toriko 「トリコ 第 354 話」 Spoilers Discussion

Toriko 「トリコ 第 354 話」 Spoilers Discussion

Get latest Toriko 354 Spoilers 「トリコ 第354話」 or Discussion at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

Toriko 354 Spoilers is not available yet. We will update this post as soon as the spoiler is out.

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nice color pic.. patiently waiting for food wards color pic

I wish this section Food Luck!

Your fav 4 heavenly king in order would be??

3/ Sunny & Toriko

Since there are no new section for Shokugeki no Soma (Yet).. PFT

@Logic, Hi Shin, any other SnS reader..

What are your top 10 favorite moments of Shokugeki no Soma?

1-In the training camp, when Soma accidentally bump into Erina and push her down. <3

2- Soma finish cooking the 200 breakfast meals in 30mins for the training camp. Do it or be expelled

3- Soma challenging Kojiro to a Shokugeki

5- Megumi finally showing the reason why shes the jewel of her village. The cooking/peeling of the goosefish!

6-Kurokiba finally shows his true self,The berzerker mode!

7- One of the first times, Erina showing some concern for Soma. <3

8-Hayama finally got rid of the pretty boy attitude and showed why he is in Tootsuki, To be the best!

9- Hayama for beating the berzerker(Ryo) and Soma in the finals.

10-Eizan's funny (disturbing) faces as he getting taunted by Soma.

1. Soma claiming he would whoop all of Tootsuki a***s.

2. Soma with help from the Aldini & co beating Kuga on the fourth day.

3. The introduction of Azami and his appointment as the new Director of Tootsuki.

4. Soma challenging Kojiro to a Shokugeki and his anger at losing it.

5. Soma overcoming the breakfast challenge in 30 mins.

6. Hisako smashes the turtle like a beast.

7. Soma is outdone by Akira, showing Akira is the real deal.

8. The introduction of Ryo as a Berserker Chef.

9. The introduction of the E-10 and their interaction with the new generation.

10. Eizan’s face when he lost to Soma.

BTW. Nice to see you added in the Ri :D

@Onyx and Hi Shin Unit I’m going to have to take some time to think about this one

I was hoping to see your list… :(

1. Souma challenging the entire student body at the entrance ceremony.

2. Souma vs. Jōichirō in the PSD kitchen. Their interaction was so hilarious.

3. Everyone teaming up to help Souma beat Kuga on the 4th day.

4. Souma beating Eizan to save the PSD. Eizan’s getting beaten at his own game and that look on his face.

5. Gin and Souma’s conversation in the bath.

6. Hayama wins the Tōtsuki Autumn Election in a 3-way match.

8. Autumn Leaf Viewing where the E-10 met the promising first year students.

9. Souma being accepted into the PSD.

10. Souma beating Mito Ikumi and making her join the Don RS.

@Onyx and @Hi Shin Unit sorry to keep you guys waiting.

Decent chapter today. All action and very little content.

Bull shit.. Stargun couldn’t do what Toriko did to the ground.

Stargun controls fire, so how he connect his feet to the ground like Toriko?

Lolz Wolf king marking his territory like a boss..

Stargun is old now.. So hmm Wolf king powers has to do something with time. Hmm

U didn’t get it. Starjyun didn’t use the same technique as toriko, he did the same meant, he braced himself just like toriko but in his own way(with his own abilities).

Guiness’ stomp could have sent toriko and starjyun flying to the space. His abilities are a complete mystery to me at the moment.

How would fire help Starjun brace himself?

Fire is massless and has nothing to hold onto the earth. However Starjun could burn the earth but I still don’t understand how he can hold on to it.

Toriko’s fork and knife aren’t supposed to be solid either, but he also was able to brace himself, if u can accept that then I don’t get why u can’t accept starjun’s technique even though it’s fire… afterall it’s a fictitious world.

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  • Bob : also I don't think luffy and usopp were ever rivals
  • Bob : zoro and sanji used to be portrayed as rivals but now sanji is portrayed as weak
  • Oda on Hiatus : There is so little known about Zorro that anything can happen . Zorro's past and purpose will probably get revealed.
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  • Dr Sexy : the super strong character might be gohan, if another universe gets erased Gohan might just lose it and turn into a.
  • the Brak : in 3 episodes there is a new "super strong" character introduction in DB super. Possibly tournament will be.

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