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Eatable Parsha creations! Korach - KOSHER PERSIAN FOOD BLOG

KOSHER PERSIAN FOOD BLOG Eatable Parsha creations! – Korach

One of my boys loves making Parsha (week’s Torah portion) related creations that you can also eat…I know, who needs a piece of paper that will go to the garbage anyways…let’s make it eatable! We often serve these clever productions on our Shabbat table for dessert and the guests go nuts on them.

Here are the proud boys! We made Alef Bet cookies with the remaining dough spelling their names!

I don’t always have time to make these projects, but this week the nagging was such that I had to make time for it…so I guess nagging Mommy really works [just don’t let my kids and husband know]. This week’s parsha is Korach. There is lots of cool bloody and graphic stuff my boys would have loved to depicted in this week’s parsha…like the earth swallowing Korach and his followers…they wanted to make a bunt cake with Lego mini figures being swallowed in the hole of the cake…boys will be boys. Somehow I persuaded them to make cookies! Of course I promissed them they could have some cookie dough…that certainly helped to convince them.

Here it is, before placing it in the over to bake.

I decided to make Aaron’s rod out of cookie dough. In this week’s parsha his staff (rod) sprouted flowers and almonds. I got the idea from this wonderful Blog called Parsha Projects. We colored cookie dough to make the flowers, leaves and staff. We also added real almonds to complete the look. To make the cookie dough look like a wooden rod simply add the coloring but do not blend all the way.

Here is a closeup for you to see the details

I hope this inspires you to make something special with you kids this Shabbat!

Here is the finished product. looks a little flat but it still works!

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3 Responses to “Eatable Parsha creations! – Korach”

Looks yummy and very creative, Reyna! I bet it would also taste really good made out of marzipan

Absolutely! LOVE marzipan!

Loooks Delicious. And extremely creative.

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