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What is Drum and Bass? The Origin of DnB - InstaSound

What is Drum and Bass? The Origin of DnB What is Drum and Bass? The Origin of DnB About the origin of Drum and Bass

You probably came here because you have heard your friends or people in the media talking about this music genre alot. But what is Drum and Bass?

Drum and Bass (or short: DnB) is an electronic music style. It was originally an offshoot of the UK breakbeat hardcore scene, came into existence when people mixed reggae basslines with sped-up hip hop breakbeats and influences from techno. First, raggamuffin dee-jay General Levy and others were therfore the stars of DnB, which was still called Jungle back then. Producers like Goldie and 4 Hero were not that fond of hip hop and reggae, and turned drum n bass in a more instrumental and less accessible direction, spawning sub-genres like tech-step and making the genre closer to techno.

Drum and Bass compared to Jungle

Drum n Bass is also known as Jungle, although possible racist overtones make this term somewhat controversial. However, by using the word as a description of a musical style, British Junglists may have in fact reclaimed a racist phrase from common usage in English (see Profanity).

By the mid-90’s, the term Jungle on the British scene referred to a rougher, darker style of DnB, influenced by the dance hall tradition and favoring ragga-style MC’s, distorted bass and repetitive sampled drum loops (rather than the melodic vocals, programmed drums and floaty synthesiser ambience common in so-called ‘intelligent’ Drum and Bass). Very popular examples of Jungle were produced for example by Shy FX or Aphrodite. Goldie, Roni Size and Aphex Twin (a versatile musician who experimented alot) are probably Drum and Bass rather than Jungle. Taken all together you can say Jungle is simpler, sweatier, dirtier and (regarding paying audience) more “working-class” than Drum and Bass.

I hope this helped to answer what is drum and bass! If you think I forgot anything important feel free to leave a comment below and I will add it to this article. Make sure to check out the tracks below to get an idea on what drum and bass sounds like! If you wish to learn more about the history of DnB, make sure to read through this article on wikipedia!

Some good Drum and Bass tracks

Original Nuttah by Shy FX (1995)

And here is modern Drum n Bass track: Netsky – Memory Lane (2010)

As always, make sure you have subscribed to our YouTube channel, there is plenty of good DnB on there!

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What is the Draw No Bet? Sports Betting For Beginners

What is the Draw No Bet? | Sports Betting For Beginners

The Draw no bet is a type of bet offered by most online bookmakers. As the name suggests, it is characterized by the fact that you get your money back in case the game ends in a draw.

For example, you think that Bayern München will win against Borussia Dortmund. However, you recognize that a draw is also relatively likely. The Draw no bet gives you the opportunity to bet on Bayern while protecting your stakes against a tie.

What if my bookmaker doesn't offer DNB?

Not all do. Luckily, you can always make them yourself.

The easiest way to do this is to choose the team you think will win (as you would with the DNB), and make a bet with Asian handicap 0. Since the Asian handicap returns your stake if the bet is a draw, this is equivalent to playing DNB.

Another strategy is to place one bet on the team you think will win, and an extra bet on a draw. If your bet sizing is correct, you will be able to insure against the draw. To illustrate how this works, consider the following game:

1 (1.20) | X (4.00) | 2 (8.00)

You want to bet on a win for team 1, but also want to protect yourself against a draw. First, divide the amount you want to spend by the odds of the draw ($20 / 4.00 = $5). Then, place $5 on the draw, and the rest ($15) on team 1. If the game ends in a draw, you get your money back. No profits, no loss.

What is a push rule? Odoo Business 0

What is a push rule?

The push system of inventory control involves forecasting inventory needs to meet customer demand. Companies must predict which products customers will purchase along with determining what quantity of goods will be purchased. The company will in turn produce enough product to meet the forecast demand and sell, or push, the goods to the consumer. Disadvantages of the push inventory control system are that forecasts are often inaccurate as sales can be unpredictable and vary from one year to the next. Another problem with push inventory control systems is that if too much product is left in inventory. This increases the company's costs for storing these goods. An advantage to the push system is that the company is fairly assured it will have enough product on hand to complete customer orders, preventing the inability to meet customer demand for the product.

A push flow indicates how locations are chained with the other ones. As soon as a given quantity of products is moved in the source location, a chained move is automatically foreseen according to the parameters set on the flow specification (destination location, delay, type of move, journal). It can be triggered automatically or manually.


Push rules are part of the routes. Go to the menu Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and tick Advance routing of products using rules.

Push rules settings

The push rules are set on the routes. Go to Configuration ‣ Routes .

In the push rule section, click on Add an item.

Here you can set the conditions of your rule. In this example, when a good is in Input location, it needs to be moved to the quality control. In the 3 steps receipts, another push rule will make the goods that are in the quality control location move to the stock.

Try to create a push rule in our demo instance.

Some warehouse configuration creates routes with push rules already defined.

Stock transfers

The push rule will trigger stock transfer. According to the rule set on your route, you will see that some transfers might be ready and other are waiting.

The push rule that was set above will create moves from WH/Input location to the WH/Quality Control location.

In this example, another move is waiting according to the second push rule, it defines that when the quality control is done, the goods will be moved to the main stock.

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

Dnb definition by Babylon’s free dictionary

Definition of Dnb

Holding company with subsidiaries which supply credit information services; Provide full range of accounts receivable management services, including third-party collection of accounts, letter demand services and receivables management outsourcing programs; Provide marketing information for business-to business and educational

  • De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch central bank
  • DNB ASA, a Norwegian financial services group
    • Den norske Bank, a former Norwegian bank, now part of DNB ASA
  • Departure from nucleate boiling, in boiling heat transfer
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, the German National Library
  • Deutsches NachrichtenbГјro, a Nazi German news agency administered by Heinz Lorenz
  • The Dictionary of National Biography, notable figures from British history
  • Did Not Bat, a term in the sport of Cricket
  • Dinitrobenzene, a type of benzene derivative
  • Diplomate of National Board, an Indian credential for healthcare providers
  • Drum and bass, an electronic music style
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Liquid DnB radio, In English - Listen radio online free

Liquid DnB radio Electronic music Listening to the Liquid DnB radio
ADS by Google
Description Liquid DnB radio

Broadcast radio Liquid DnB fill the popular songs of the early 2000s subgenre of drum and bass - eliminate funk.

Almost immediately after emergence and development of this area gallant little Shohata Ari, who is the founder of Di FM, kept his head and decided to plant this music millions of listeners around the world. Having already promoted a dozen other channels of electronic music, he did it in two accounts.

Today we have a station you like, appreciate and listen to every day, hundreds of thousands of fans will eliminate funk every day.

Now their number can be attributed themselves, even if such early and did not consider myself. It's really positive and popular music, which is unlikely to lose its relevance in the next few years. So, do not hesitate to hop off and push play !

A nice moment in broadcast Liquid DnB is a complete absence of gears, boring programs and shows. It plays only music and nothing else, and so the value of funk fans will eliminate the channel even more.

11.08.2017 Radio Di FM Liquid DNB music USA — US

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