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FERDINANDO перевод с английского на русский, translation English to Russian

Англо-русский перевод FERDINANDO

Big English-Russian dictionary . Большой Англо-Русский словарь. 2012

Еще значения слова и перевод FERDINANDO с английского на русский язык в англо-русских словарях.

Перевод FERDINANDO с русского на английский язык в русско-английских словарях.

  • FERDINANDO — Ferdinando nprm Ferdinand

Interlingua English vocab

  • FERDINANDO — Ferdinando

    Большой Англо-Русский словарь

  • FERDINANDO — Ferdinando

    Новый большой Англо-Русский словарь

  • FERDINANDO — Ferdinando

    Новый большой Англо-Русский словарь

  • GORGES, SIR FERDINANDO — born 1566?, probably at Wraxall, Somerset, Eng. died 1647, Long Ashton, Gloucestershire British colonist. After a military career, he sought …

    Английский словарь Британика

  • PAER, FERDINANDO — born June 1, 1771, Parma, duchy of Parma died May 3, 1839, Paris, France Italian composer who, with Domenico Cimarosa …

    Britannica English vocabulary

  • GALIANI, FERDINANDO — born Dec. 2, 1728, Chieti, Italy died Oct. 30, 1787, Naples Italian economist whose studies in value theory anticipated much …

    Britannica English vocabulary

  • SIR — [c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions) Abbott Sir John Joseph Caldwell Ahmad Khan Sir Sayyid Allbutt Sir Thomas Clifford Alma …

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  • GALLI BIBIENA FAMILY — Eighteenth-century Italian architects and theatrical designers. The family took its final name from the birthplace of its progenitor, the artist …

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  • BASSIA — I. ˈbasēə noun Usage: capitalized Etymology: New Latin, from Ferdinando Bassi died 1774 Italian naturalist + New Latin -ia : …

    Webster's New International English Dictionary

  • ROSELLINIA — ˌräsəˈlinēə, -äzə- noun Usage: capitalized Etymology: New Latin, from Ferdinando P. Rosellini, 19th century Italian botanist + New Latin -ia …

    Webster's New International English Dictionary

  • MARSILEA — märˈsilēə noun Usage: capitalized Etymology: New Latin, after Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli ( Marsilius ) died 1730 Italian naturalist : …

    Webster's New International English Dictionary

  • COMMESSO — also called Florentine Mosaic, technique of fashioning pictures with thin, cut-to-shape pieces of brightly coloured, semiprecious stones, developed in Florence …

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  • YORK — town, York county, southwestern Maine, U.S., situated at the mouth of the York River on the Atlantic Ocean, 43 miles …

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  • SCARLATTI, ALESSANDRO — born May 2, 1660, Palermo, Sicily, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies [now in Italy] died Oct. 24, 1725, Naples in …

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  • SACO — city, York county, southwestern Maine, U.S., at the mouth of the Saco River opposite Biddeford. Founded with Biddeford in 1631 …

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  • PANNINI, GIOVANNI PAOLO — born 1691, Piacenza, Duchy of Parma and Piacenza [now in Italy] died 1765, Rome Pannini also spelled Panini the foremost …

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  • NEW ENGLAND, COUNCIL FOR — in British American colonial history, joint stock company organized in 1620 by a charter from the British crown with authority …

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  • NAPLES, BAY OF — Italian Golfo Di Napoli, Latin Sinus Cumanus, semicircular inlet of the Tyrrhenian Sea (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea), southwest …

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  • FETTI, DOMENICO — born 1588/89, Rome, Papal States [now in Italy] died 1623, Venice, Republic of Venice Fetti also spelled Feti Italian Baroque …

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  • FERDINAND I — born March 10, 1503, Alcal de Henares, Spain died July 25, 1564, Vienna, Habsburg domain [now in Austria] Holy Roman …

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  • DERBY, WILLIAM STANLEY, 6TH EARL OF — born 1561, London, Eng. died Sept. 25, 1642, Lathom House, Lancashire English writer and patron of the theatre who has …

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  • CRISTOFORI, BARTOLOMEO (DI FRANCESCO) — born May 4, 1655, Padua, Republic of Venice died Jan. 27, 1731, Florence Italian harpsichord maker generally credited with the …

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  • CAPELLO, BIANCA — born 1548, Venice died Oct. 20, 1587, Poggio, near Florence Capello also spelled Cappello Venetian noblewoman, renowned for her beauty …

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  • BIBIENA, GALLI DA, FAMILY — Bibiena also spelled Bibbiena, a family of Italian artists of the 17th and 18th centuries. The family took its name …

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  • LIVE

    Longman DOCE5 Extras English vocabulary


    Longman DOCE5 Extras English vocabulary

  • GRANDFATHER — noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a grandfather clock (= an old-style tall clock that stands on the floor ) ▪ …

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  • GALLI BIBIENA FAMILY — Eighteenth-century Italian architects and theatrical designers. The family took its final name from the birthplace of its progenitor, the artist …

    Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

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    Other articles

    Ferdinando Carulli


    Ferdinando Maria Meinrado Francesco Pascale Rosario Carulli ( February 9 , 1770 – February 17 , 1841 ) was one of the most famous composer s for classical guitar and the author of the first complete classical guitar method, which continues to be used today. He wrote a variety of works for classical guitar , including concerto s and chamber works. He was an extremely prolific writer for guitar, writing over 400 works for the instrument in the space of 12 years.

    Carulli was born in Naples , Kingdom of Naples on February 9 , 1770. His father, Michele, was a distinguished literator , secretary to the delegate of the Neapolitan Jurisdiction. Like many of his contemporaries, he was taught musical theory by a priest, who was also an amateur musician. Carulli's first instrument was the cello , but when he was twenty he discovered the guitar and devoted his life to the study and advancement of the guitar. As there were no professional guitar teachers in Naples at the time, Carulli developed his own style of playing.

    Carulli was a gifted performer. His concerts in Naples were so popular that he soon began touring Europe. Around 1801 Carulli married a French woman, Marie-Josephine Boyer, and had a son with her. A few years later Carulli started to compose in Milan , where he contributed to local publications. After a highly successful Paris tour, Carulli moved there. At the time the city was known as the 'music-capital' of the world, and he stayed there for the rest of his life.

    In Paris Carulli became a very successful musician and teacher. He fulfilled his intention of making the guitar popular and fashionable among the upper classes and Paris musicians. It was also in Paris that he published most of his works, eventually becoming a publisher himself and printing the works of other prominent guitarists.

    In the 1830s, many European guitarists followed Carulli to Paris, apparently 'attracted by his personality'. With so many other guitarists in Paris, Carulli worked harder at his teaching, and soon had counted members of the Parisian nobility among his students.

    Many of the pieces now regarded as Carulli's greatest were initially turned down by the publishers as being too hard for the average player, and it is likely that many masterpieces were lost this way. Undeterred, Carulli started publishing his pieces himself. However, the great majority of Carulli's surviving works are those that were considered 'safe' enough to be accepted by other publishers, mainly for the teaching of certain techniques or for beginners. Although he had many students and supporters, Carulli began to believe he didn't deserve his impressive reputation because most of the great works he had composed were never published.

    Confined to mainly simple pieces, Carulli wrote his world-famous method of classical guitar, "Harmony Applied to the Guitar", a collection of pieces that are still used today in tuition. At the time of publishing, the method was very popular and had many editions published.

    Later in life, Carulli began to experiment with changes in guitar construction. With Lacote, a French guitar maker, he made some significant changes for improving the sound of the guitar.

    Carulli died in Paris on February 17 , 1841 , aged 71.

    Carulli was among the most prolific composers of his time. He wrote more than four hundred works for the guitar, and countless others for various instrumental combinations, always including the guitar. His most influential work of all was his "Method, op. 27", published in 1810, and still used widely today in training students of the classical guitar. Carulli also composed some pieces for guitar and piano with his son Gustavo. He wrote works for chamber orchestra and other ensembles.

    Classical guitarists have recorded many of his works. Arguably his most famous work is a duet for guitar and flute, which was recorded by Alexander Lagoya and Jean-Pierre Rampal , although his Duo in G Op.34 achieved a measure of indirect fame in Britain as the theme tune of cult 1980s science fiction/television game show " The Adventure Game ". The Duo in G has been recorded several times, most famously by Julian Bream and John Williams.

    Aside from his immensely influential Method, published in the early 19th century and still used widely today as a means of teaching students of the classical guitar and helping experts to perfect certain techniques, he changed and improved many aspects of the early instrument to create the modern classical guitar used today.

    By the early nineteenth century the guitar had evolved from a lute -like instrument with five pairs of strings to an instrument similar to the guitar we know today, with a flat body, long neck and circular sound hole in the middle. But there were some differences. Carulli's first guitar may have had five rather than six strings, which may have been in pairs (the pairs are known as "courses") similar to the lute and vihuela . The pairing of strings produces a rich, resonant sound when the guitar is strummed but is not so effective for the picking action used in classical guitar, in marked contrast to the similarly strung lute which is usually plucked and seldom strummed. Also, the body of the instrument would have been smaller and less deep, producing a less resonant sound more like that of a violin or ukulele . Finally, the tuning pegs of the guitar were not mechanical but frictional, like those of today's violas and those used on the lute . However mechanical tuning pegs were introduced only about a hundred years ago, well after Carulli's time.

    In the later part of his life, Carulli, along with French instrument makers and guitarists Antonio de Torres Jurado and Lacote, helped to change the guitar into the larger, more resonant instrument we know today. They accomplished this by making the bulges or bouts in the side more pronounced, to produce a greater volume and surface area which made the sound better. Later Jurado also helped to make the modern form of the flamenco guitar which is lighter and smaller with a more brilliant sound than the classical.

    * [http://www.lim.it/cataloghi/musicalia003torta.htm Catalogo tematico delle opere di Ferdinando Carulli] (Mario Torta, Ed. LIM)

    * [https://rex.kb.dk/F?func=find-c&ccl_term=(WRD=Carulli%20AND%20WWW=http%20NOT%20WWW=sheetmusicnow%20NOT%20WWW=freehandmusic%20NOT%20WWW=hebeonline)&local_base=mus01&con_lng=ENG Rischel & Birket-Smith's Collection of guitar music] Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark

    * [http://www.muslib.se/ebibliotek/boije/Boije_c.htm Boije Collection] The Music Library of Sweden

    Wikimedia Foundation . 2010 .

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    List of compositions by Ferdinando Carulli — TOC This is a list of compositions by Ferdinando Carulli .Works With Opus Numbers* Op. 11 , Duo In C Major for guitar and piano * Op. 32 , Three Waltzes for guitar and piano * Op. 37 , Duo In D Major for guitar and piano * Op. 45 , Great Duo In A … Wikipedia

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    Carulli — Carulli, Ferdinando, Guitarrenvirtuos in Paris; er schr. über 300 Werke für sein Instrument u. Solféges pour la voix de Bassetaille avec accomp. de Pianof. mit französischem u. deutschem Text, Lpz. 1830 … Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

    Ferdinand Carulli — Ferdinando Carulli Ferdinando Carulli Nom de naissance Ferdinando Maria Meinrado Francesco Pascale Rosario Carulli Naissance 9 février 1770 Naples … Wikipédia en Français

    Carcassi — Matteo Carcassi. Matteo Carcassi (* 1792 in Florenz; † 16. Januar 1853 in Paris) war ein italienischer Gitarrist und Komponist. In seiner Jugend erlernte er das Klavierspielen, später auch die Gitarre. Mit 16 Jahren begann Carcassi in Italien… … Deutsch Wikipedia

    Карулли — Карулли, Фердинандо Фердинандо Карулли Ferdinando Carulli Основная информация Дата рождения … Википедия

    Ferdinando - Meaning of Ferdinando, What does Ferdinando mean?

    Ferdinando - Meaning of Ferdinando What does Ferdinando mean?

    [ 4 syll. fer-di-nan-do, fe-rdina-ndo ] The baby boy name Ferdinando is pronounced FehR-Diy-N AE -NDuw †. Ferdinando's language of origin is Gothic and it is predominantly used in Italian.

    Ferdinando is an Italian form of the English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish Ferdinand.

    Ferdinando is also a form of the Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English Fernando.

    See also the related form, the Spanish, German, and Italian Nando.

    See also the related categories, italian and gothic.

    Ferdinando is an uncommon baby name for boys. It is not in the top 1000 names. In 2016, within the group of boy names directly related to Ferdinando, Fernando was the most frequently used.

    Baby names that sound like Ferdinando include Fortunio, Fortunato, Ferdenando, Ferdinand , and Ferdinánd.

    Ferdinando - Names Encyclopedia

    Statistics and meaning of name Ferdinando

    Usage: 96% firstname, 4% surname.

    Ferdinando first name was found 22076 times in 31 different countries.

    Surname Ferdinando is used at least 691 times in at least 16 countries.

    Origin of this name is German.

    Gender of firstname Ferdinando is 0% feminine and 100% masculine.

    Name written with Chinese letters: 费迪南多 (pinyin: fèi dí nán duō)

    Claire Ferdinando (8)

    Andrew Ferdinando (7)

    Anthony Ferdinando (6)

    Harry Ferdinando (4)

    Brian Ferdinando (3)

    Richard Ferdinando (3)

    Anna Ferdinando (3)

    Arosh Ferdinando (3)

    John Ferdinando (3)

    Sara Ferdinando (3)

    Peter Ferdinando (3)

    Denis Ferdinando (2)

    Carol Ferdinando (2)

    Carole Ferdinando (2)

    Charles Ferdinando (2)

    Chrysantha Ferdinando (2)

    Christie Ferdinando (2)

    Cheryl Ferdinando (2)

    Aaron Ferdinando (2)

    Gemma Ferdinando (2)

    Michael Ferdinando (2)

    Paul Ferdinando (2)

    Rachel Ferdinando (2)

    Margaret Ferdinando (2)

    Louise Ferdinando (2)

    Kerry Ferdinando (2)

    Lauren Ferdinando (2)

    Emma Ferdinando (2)

    Elizabeth Ferdinando (2)

    Abbie Ferdinando (2)

    Betty Ferdinando (2)

    Alan Ferdinando (2)

    Beverley Ferdinando (2)

    Alexander Ferdinando (1)

    Patricia Ferdinando (1)

    Albert Ferdinando (1)

    Phyllis Ferdinando (1)

    Pacelli Ferdinando (1)

    Rebecca Ferdinando (1)

    Matthew Ferdinando (1)

    Amelia Ferdinando (1)

    Lakmali Ferdinando (1)

    Ameya Ferdinando (1)

    Leslie Ferdinando (1)

    Amanda Ferdinando (1)

    Adam Ferdinando (1)

    Alyssa Ferdinando (1)

    Alison Ferdinando (1)

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    William Ferdinando (1)

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    Keith Ferdinando (1)

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    Stephen Ferdinando (1)

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    Ron Ferdinando (1)

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    Barbara Ferdinando (1)

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    Beatrice Ferdinando (1)

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    Joanna Ferdinando (1)

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    Julie Ferdinando (1)

    Brendon Ferdinando (1)

    Karen Ferdinando (1)

    Jason Ferdinando (1)

    James Ferdinando (1)

    Anita Ferdinando (1)

    Antoinette Ferdinando (1)

    George Ferdinando (1)

    Gladys Ferdinando (1)

    Jacqueline Ferdinando (1)

    Andrea Ferdinando (1)

    Katie Ferdinando (1)

    Ferdinando Esposito (102)

    Ferdinando Ferrari (47)

    Ferdinando Giordano (35)

    Ferdinando Coppola (34)

    Ferdinando Bianchi (34)

    Ferdinando Gallo (32)

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    Ferdinando Cacace (12)

    Ferdinando Bernardi (12)

    Ferdinando Barone (11)

    Ferdinando Formicola (11)

    Ferdinando Landi (11)

    Ferdinando Grimaldi (11)

    Ferdinando Cortese (11)

    Ferdinando Bonfanti (11)

    Ferdinando Catalano (11)

    Ferdinando Gentile (11)

    Ferdinando Iannone (11)

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    Ferdinando Fabbri (11)

    Ferdinando Cavallaro (10)

    Ferdinando Biondi (10)

    Ferdinando Giuliani (10)

    Ferdinando Avallone (10)

    Ferdinando Benincasa (10)

    Ferdinando Imperato (10)

    Ferdinando Caso (10)

    Ferdinando Capone (10)

    Ferdinando Acampora (10)

    Ferdinando Bianco (10)

    Ferdinando Capasso (10)

    Ferdinando Iodice (10)

    Ferdinando Gambardella (10)

    Ferdinando Cammarota (10)

    Ferdinando Borriello (10)

    Ferdinando Cristiano (10)

    Ferdinando Iazzetta (10)

    Ferdinando Lazzari (10)

    Ferdinando Annunziata (10)

    Ferdinando Criscuolo (10)

    Ferdinando Bellini (9)

    Ferdinando Grasso (9)

    Ferdinando Auricchio (9)

    Ferdinando Ferro (9)

    Ferdinando Bucci (9)

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    Ferdinando Fabiano (9)

    Ferdinando Guida (9)

    Ferdinando Congiu (9)

    Ferdinando Angelini (9)

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    Ferdinando Fava (9)

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    Ferdinando Campanella (8)

    Ferdinando Botta (8)

    Ferdinando Cuomo (8)

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    Ferdinando Ferrigno (8)

    Ferdinando Bergamaschi (8)

    Ferdinando Alberti (8)

    Ferdinando Costantini (8)

    Ferdinando Donnarumma (8)

    Ferdinando Granata (8)

    Ferdinando Carotenuto (8)

    Ferdinando Colosimo (8)

    Ferdinando Belotti (8)

    Ferdinando Basso (8)

    Ferdinando Catapano (8)

    Ferdinando Fanelli (8)

    Ferdinando Franchi (8)

    Ferdinando Innocenti (8)

    Ferdinando Fontana (8)

    Ferdinando Berardi (8)

    Ferdinando Guarnieri (8)

    Ferdinando Bianchini (7)

    Ferdinando Giannini (7)

    Ferdinando Fantini (7)

    Ferdinando Donelli (7)

    Ferdinando Ambrosi (7)

    Ferdinando Casiraghi (7)

    Ferdinando Corti (7)

    Ferdinando Baldi (7)

    Ferdinando Buonocore (7)

    Ferdinando Brunelli (7)

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    Ferdinando Bertoni (7)

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    Ferdinando Cattaneo (7)

    Ferdinando Albanese (7)

    Ferdinando Franzese (7)

    Ferdinando Cavallini (7)

    Ferdinando Fiorentini (7)

    Ferdinando Chianese (6)

    Ferdinando Bono (6)

    Ferdinando Cecchi (6)

    Ferdinando Finizio (6)

    Ferdinando Brivio (6)

    Ferdinando Cutolo (6)

    Ferdinando Bani (6)

    Ferdinando Bonanni (6)

    Ferdinando Giorgi (6)

    Ferdinando Amendola (6)

    Ferdinando Letizia (6)

    Ferdinando Balzano (6)

    Ferdinando Ferretti (6)

    Ferdinando Fonti (6)

    Ferdinando Costanzo (6)

    Ferdinando Carollo (6)

    Ferdinando Battaglia (6)

    Ferdinando Caselli (6)

    Ferdinando Galimberti (6)

    Ferdinando Carrara (6)

    Ferdinando Ghezzi (6)

    Ferdinando Andreoli (6)

    Ferdinando Borghi (6)

    Ferdinando Agostini (6)

    Ferdinando Galasso (6)

    Ferdinando Cataldo (6)

    Ferdinando Durante (6)

    Ferdinando Bedin (6)

    Ferdinando Coppeta (6)

    Ferdinando Abbati (6)

    Ferdinando Guerriero (6)

    Name contains 10 letters - 40.00% vowels and 60.00% consonants.

    Misspells: Ferdinondo Feldinando Ferrdinando Ferdynando Ferdjnando Ferdenando Ferdinandoa Fredinando Ferdinanod Ferdinadno

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    Famous people: Ferdinando Pereira Leda, Ferdinando Fairfax, Ferdinando Paer, Ferdinando Monfardini, Ferdinando Fuga, Ferdinando Baldi, Ferdinando Bertoni, Ferdinando Galiani, Ferdinando Ughelli

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