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Conor Oberst - Sausalito lyrics

Sausalito lyrics

Hair blowing in the hot wind

Time hanging from a clothes pin

There's no sorrow that the sun's not gonna help

Drive through the desert after night fall

Sleep on the shoulder keep the stars all to ourselves

Wearing nothing but a t-shirt

She's turning over on a mattress made of air

Leading upwards into blank space

All of creation makes a sound too soft to hear

Sheltered from all my fears

While bikers glide by highway shrines

Where pilgrims disappear

Keep you company on the weekends

Keep you company even once your mind was made

Now a headache is all you're left with

We're no different I got debts I'd like to pay

Living's easy on a house boat

Let the ocean rock us back and forth to sleep

Look in the water see the blue sky

As if heaven has been laid there at our feet

Sheltered for all our years

While bikers glide by highway shrines

Where pilgrims disappear

Where fields burn westward

Where pilgrims disappear

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Yoga Music Workshop Wine Social, UpOut Insiders

Yoga Music Workshop + Wine Social

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Join in on 2 special classes, a yoga music workshop as well as a free flow yoga dance class followed by a wine social.

Ring in your New Year learning something new by tapping into your creative side!

Join Harmonia and DJ Taz Rashid, High Vibe Musician for this dynamic class.

This is a yoga music workshop for teachers and students alike

5-6:30pm on January 14th

DJ Taz featuring Michelle Nayeli

Free flow yogis dance and wine social following class (wine purchase additional)

Michelle and Taz will lead you through a Trance Dance, which is an internationally celebrated prana yoga and free-form movement meditation to liberate your creative life-force. Yoga Trance Dance is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga. Beginning with prana yoga or the experience of prana initiating yogasanas, yoga trance dance flows into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate one's creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom.

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FAQs, PRANIC Festival

bruk bet creative pastelowa harmonia sausalito Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PRANIC Festival? PRANIC Festival is the ULTIMATE INSPIRATIONAL & EDUCATIONAL EVENT for Consciousness Explorers*, Yogis*, Visionaries* and Human Pioneers* — a new generation living in the Pranic Consciousness. A rare & sacred opportunity to study with True Living Masters from around the world! Immerse yourself in the New Paradigm, experience the most powerful & practical tools for Self-healing* & Illumination* — merging ancient alchemical traditions with futuristic inner sciences, (re)uniting with soul-family, and celebrating the birth of a Conscious New Humanity!

This event is limited to just 100 people , creating the most intimate, heart-opening environment to nurture soul-friendships that will last lifetimes. Together, we explore topics such as: * New Human Physiology – Self-healing & Rejuvenation – Inner Sciences & Alchemy – possibilities for Living on Light, Breatharianism, Immortality, Telepathy & Enhanced Perceptions and other gifts & interesting “side-effects”.

* New Paradigms in Health, Medicine, Wellness

* Sacred Relationships & Family, Conscious Creation, Conception, Fertility and Birth

* Raising and Nurturing a New Generation of Awakened Children,

* the Creation of Permanent Peace & Harmony on the personal, local, global and cosmic levels.

In these 3 days, we go from theories & philosophies, into the practical nuts & bolts of daily Pranic living. Be inspired and charged up, as we exchange personal experiences and learn the most powerful tools, practices, inner-technologies for creating a beautiful blissful Pranic life! With lifetimes of wisdom transmitted within these 3 days, each of us will emerge more inspired*, empowered* and joy-filled* than ever before! So are you ready to create a MASTERPIECE of your life? To serve your community with the very best of yourself? Then join us – August 8, 9, 10 2015 in Sausalito (SF Bay Area), California! P.R.A.N.I.C. — People Rejoicing in Awakened New Illuminated Consciousness! Where will PRANIC 2015 take place?

Great news! We’ve just discovered a beautiful brand NEW event venue in Sausalito CA that offers greater flexibility for us to create an even more perfect experience! It is a gorgeous new wellness/meditation retreat space and social club called Harmonia Wellness. We’re thrilled to be supporting this beautiful conscious local business! And this new venue is only 10mins away from the previous venue in the Presidio.

So our inaugural PRANIC Festival will be held at Harmonia Wellness – located at 2200 Marinship Way, Sausalito CA 94965. More detailed directions, parking, transportation, etc. will be posted by July 4th!

What time do we start & end each day?

PRANIC 2015 will be in session Saturday August 8 9:30am-7pm, Sunday August 9 9:30am to 6:30pm, and Monday August 10 9:30-4:30pm. This schedule may be subject to minor adjustment, and of course we will notify all attendees of any such changes.

** What is the Cancellation or Refund policy? **

First a note — while we trust that circumstances will align perfectly for you to join us as planned, we also suggest you consider investing in travel insurance in case of extenuating circumstance which prevent you from attending. Due to our limited capacity, and to meet the financial commitments behind this incredible event, we must adhere to a strict cancellation policy. Thank you friends for supporting and understanding this!

Tickets may be cancelled by July 7 2015 for a 50% refund of purchased ticket price. There is strictly *no refund* after July 7 2015. (one month prior to the event date).

If you need to transfer your ticket to someone else, you may do so up until July 31 2015 (8 days before the event) for a small $20 transfer processing fee.

All transfers or cancellations must be requested in writing from the original ticket owner – please send requests to . To ensure that your request is processed promptly, please use Subject line: “Ticket Transfer Request” or “Ticket Cancellation Request”.

This event does not support partial ticket-swaps or ticket sharing of any kind; nor do we prorate ticket costs if you are only able to attend certain conference days.

In the extremely unlikely event that the conference is cancelled, we will refund all tickets. We will not, however, be able to refund flight, hotel, or other purchases people may make. (again, please invest in travel insurance accordingly.) All listed speakers are confirmed — however, sometimes life events such as family emergency may prevent them from making it at the last minute. Speaker cancellations do not affect the cancellation policy.

Purchase of a ticket indicates that you have read and agree to comply with this cancellation policy. This policy may be subject to change, and all registered attendees will be notified in case of any changes.

Are there any scholarships or discount ticket options? Volunteer positions?

YES brothers & sisters YES! We LOVE to share in abundance!

* There are also a few spaces for PRANIC Volunteers during the live event itself. At the time of this writing, all event volunteer spaces have been excitedly snatched up! But please feel welcomed to check back in with us in 2nd week of July as the event date approaches, as more event volunteer positions may open up!

* NEW! Did you notice that there is now a PRANIC BUDDY ticket option? from now until August 4. When one friend purchases a Regular/Final/Supporter-Level Full 3-Day Tuition, the 2nd friend qualifies for a “PRANIC BUDDY” ticket to join the full 3-Day Festival at only $111! So we invite you to buddy-up and share in abundance! Use promo code “PranicBuddy111″ to receive $111 off the Regular 3-Day tuition – it’s an amazing 2-for-1!

Of course when the heart calls us to be at these soul gatherings, we always find that the resources, whether they be financial, time off work, childcare, logistics, etc., align to support us in magical and surprising ways. So together with you, we will hold the loving intention that circumstances will align perfectly for you to join us in August!

We can’t wait to welcome you to this amazing gathering and love to hear your stories of magical abundance – manifesting the perfect resources to join us in August!

Are children and/or pets permitted? What about my teenager?

We love children and pets! However, this year’s event does not allow pets, or permit any attendees under age 16.

Because of the consciousness-expanding “out-of-the-box” nature of this event, and the powerful meditation practices that our speakers share, participants age 16 or 17 may only attend if they are accompanied by parent or guardian. Thank you for understanding!

How can I become a SPONSOR? Do you have table/booths at this event?

Thank you in advance for your support! We have limited space for a few Sponsors whose products/services are fully aligned with the spirit of PRANIC Living. (e.g. Sacred Art, Music, Crafts, Healing Tools, Conscious/Eco/Enlightened technologies, etc.) Please email us at – we love to hear about your products or services, to cocreate a synergistic experience that is supportive and nurturing for all!

What should I wear for the event?

The weather in SF Bay Area can be quite variable – sunny and warm some days, and cold and foggy on others. Even on warm days, temperatures can drop significantly after sunset. So we suggest dressing in comfortable layers for changing weather — be cozy during our sessions of meditation and gentle movement, enjoy the sunshine when available, and also stay warm if it becomes foggy. Please check for the latest weather updates and plan accordingly!

What should I bring? Will any physical foods be available?

Please be sure to bring a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) for check-in at the entrance.

Re: food — Besides the all-you-can-eat-Prana-buffet :-), we are excited to offer the most high-vibrational, delicious organic vegan gluten-free snacks, juices, teas, and soups made with love from a beautiful california vendor. called EARTHLY JUICES. Their pre-order menu here:

Please bring cash or creditcards to purchase and support them. We also invite you to bring your own re-usable drinking vessel to refill on spring water or juice. Thank you for helping us to minimize waste.

There will also be a small bookstore area, where you can purchase books by our speakers and other items. So we invite you to bring cash/creditcard even if you don’t plan to purchase any food/drinks.

What about accommodations?

** UPDATE July 1 ** We invite you to secure accommodations in Sausalito, CA. Mill Valley is also a good choice (just north of Sausalito, CA). Finding something closer to the 101 highway in Mill Valley will make for an easier commute. We highly recommend sharing accommodations & rides (taxi/rental car, etc.) with one another! Please make a posting on our Facebook community page to (re)unite with Pranic family and share accommodations, rides, love!

For those of you who live in SF or surrounding bay area, if you have the space in your home (and in your heart), to host an out-of-town visitor attending the festival, we love to see these connections and offers on the Facebook event group ! Thank you for your generosity!


Marin Headlands Hostel Address: Fort Barry Building 941, Sausalito, CA 94965 (6.3 miles to Harmonia) Price: $28-$130.

Holiday Inn Express Mill Valley Address: 160 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA (1.8 miles to Harmonia) Price: $180-$220.

Travelodge Mill Valley Address: 707 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941 (2.8 miles to Harmonia) Price: $110-$130.


Hotel Sausalito Address: 16 El Portal, Sausalito (1.2 miles to Harmonia) Price: $230+

Gables Inn Sausalito Address: 62 Princess Street, Sausalito (1.3 miles to Harmonia) Price: $370.

Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa Address: 801 Bridgeway, Sausalito (closest to venue! – 1 mile to Harmonia) Price: $300+

CAMPING *If you prefer to camp, we suggest reserving a campsite quickly as sites book fast during peak season*

Samuel P. Taylor State Park Address: 8889 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Lagunitas, CA (20.6 miles from Harmonia). Fees: $35 (includes parking). Amenities: ADA access, flush toilets, showers, group camping+

China Camp State Park Address: 101 Peacock Gap Trail, San Rafael (13.5 miles from Harmonia). Fees: $35-$75. Amenities: ADA access, restrooms, showers, parking.

No-Fee campsites that take phone reservations only:

Please call 415-331-1540 for further information about these sites or to reserve. Further details at:

Directions - how do I get to the festival?

Great news! We are upgrading to a beautiful NEW event venue in Sausalito (just 10mins north of the Presidio) that will offer an even more beautiful and perfect experience for our gathering!

Address: Harmonia Wellness, 2200 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965.

Rideshare — If you have found your own accommodations, please see the facebook group for potential ridesharing. If you feel comfortable navigating public transportation, google maps provides accurate directions. Please always account for extra travel time on public transit – so that you don’t miss any part of our exciting festivities!

Taxi is also a great option if you are staying far away from Harmonia– we recommend the phone app Flywheel to request a taxi. In addition to traditional taxicabs, Uber , Lyft , and Sidecar are all phone apps that connect you with rides in a safe and secure way.

Driving — If you are driving, we encourage ridesharing! You can find directions from your exact location here . Please use the Facebook group to connect with others for rideshare!

I am driving to the festival. What will parking be like?

There is ample parking at the event venue! (just one of many great reasons we are upgrading to this new location.) Full details and map of parking areas surrounding the new venue will be posted two weeks before the festival!

Is PRANIC 2015 ADA/wheelchair accessible?

The event space is “mostly” wheelchair accessible. If you have any mobility limitations, please email us in advance so that we can support you in having a beautiful and enjoyable experience at this event.

What is the photography/video policy? May I record the sessions?

During breaks (i.e. when no speaker is in session), please feel free to take photos/videos with friends to create beautiful memories! However, out of respect for our guest speakers and their professional work, no audio/video recording or photography is permitted during the sessions. We invite you to focus all your attention on being present, and not be distracted by any of your devices during these sessions. Please note that our no photo/audio/video policy will be strictly enforced by volunteers. Thank you for supporting and complying with this.

Can I bring alcohol or drugs?

PRANIC 2015 is a 100% alcohol- and drug-free event. We will have good clean wholesome fun. Do expect to get nicely intoxicated with the blissful Prana and love in the air!

Is there a lost and found?

Yes – if you misplace something or find a misplaced item, please return to the check-in desk where a volunteer will assist you.

That said, please note that we are not responsible for any lost items. And after the event is over, we are not equipped to ship lost-n-found items to you – so please remember to check for ALL your belongings before the end of the program!

How can we connect w/ the PRANIC Family before the event?

Please join our PRANIC Festival Facebook event group to connect with soul family and share rides, accommodations, love!

I have more questions! How can I get in touch?

Please email us at and we’ll love to help answer any other questions you may have. Can’t wait to see you in August!!

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