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Champions league 2016 winner predictions

Champions league 2016 winner predictions

As the 2016 UEFA Champions League is heading into the quarter finals stage we thought it was about time to give our readers a preview and prediction of what team we think will win the champions league this year. With many big names still in the mix (as usual) there are plenty of great soccer action to look forward to. This preview will also include the best odds on the 2016 UEFA champions league so that you can get the maximum amount of juice from your champions league winner pick.

This year will represent one of the last chances (possibly THE last) that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will have at winning the event and becoming one of the greats. Even though “Ibra” is already considered one of the best soccer players of the modern era by a lot of people, he’s still missing the champions league title and with the strongest line-up that PSG have had so far this will be a very good chance for him. The two underdogs Benfica and Wolfsburg are also right in the mix. They have been relying on the good old “lets defend ourself to glory” strategy and regardless that they’ve had a bit of luck in the 1/8 draws, they still represent the threat of an upset victory to one of the big teams.

The quarter finals also bolsters one of the biggest fixtures this far into the playoffs when last years winners Barcelona faces off with Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone and his men did manage to beat Barca in the exact same scenario just two years ago.

UEFA Champions league quarter finals preview:

Once we’ve analyzed the fixtures down to the last statistics we will do a full write up for each fixture so be sure to bookmark our homepage and follow us on the social media of your choice. However untill then we have some leans based on our prediction for the champions league winner (having analyzed just about every game in the tournament this far we do have a lot of background information already but for the particular fixtures it’s best to stay fresh in order to deliver winning soccer picks, just saying).

Bayern Munich vs Benfica:

Bayern Munch is as always one of the big favourites for the champions league title and with their great academy producing new talent every year, they will probably remain at that position for a long time to come. The germans struggled however versus Juventus as their back line faced a lot of injuries, something that will haunt Guardiola for this fixture aswell as Badstuber is both injured and suspended and Boateng will probably remain injured for at least the first leg. However Benatia has been performing ok and with Martinez back on the field they should have no problems with Benfica taking advantage of this weakness and scoring an easy goal. Benfica did perform well versus Zenit though and if they can defend themselves through the first leg then they could have a small but legitimate chance of beating the german powerhouse, not an easy task versus a roaring Allianz Arena though.

Prediction: Bayern Munich to win both legs.

Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg:

The other real underdog of the quarterfinals got Real Madrid in the draw, maybe not what Wolfsburg was hoping for. Wolfsburg are currently 8th in Bundesliga and they’re trailing 6 points behind Schalke for the chance to qualify for next years champions league, the team seems to be in a stellar place in the league and this will be a crucial fixture for the team to regain some momentum. Real Madrid on the other hand have not had such a dominating season as Real fans would’ve hoped for, but they’ve faced some player issues with Benezema being slammed by the media aswell as the “classic Gareth Bale is going back to premier league” rumors floating around. In addition to this the team also changed coach to Zinedine Zidane instead of Rafa Benítez in order to get the team on track again, something which with their games against Roma seems to be a good choice. Real Madrid is currently 3rd in La Liga and unless something very radical happens, both them, Atletico and Barcelona will play in next years tournament aswell.

Prediction: Real Madrid to win at Camp Bernabeu in the first leg and a draw in the second leg

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid:

Now this is probably one of the hardest fixtures to predict of the 2016 UEFA Champions league quarter finals. Namely because Barcelona is a dominating force as always and MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) isn’t slowing down and the trio can outscore (total goals/season) some of the top teams just on their own doing. However Atletico have defeated Barcelona in this spot in the 2014 UEFA Champions League quarter finals and they’re displaying a very good shape this season, trailing just 8 points behind Barcelona for the first place in La Liga.

Barca will of course be aiming for yet another treble (Copa del rey, La Liga and Champions league) which is a feat that no other european team has done twice… EVER. Barca have done it twice already (2009 and 2015) and if they win versus Sevilla in the Copa Del Rey finals they’ll be en route to do it again. Though when the best offensive force in the world of soccer meets the best defensive one there is no telling what will happen and it’s quite possible that we will see this fixture go to penalties over in Madrid, this of course if Atletico manages to hold MSN back. Almost all of the head to head meeting between Barcelona and Atletico have gone to either a draw or a 1 goal victory dating back to 2012, the Catalonians have won the latest 6 though.

Prediction: Either a double draw or a 1 goal victory for each home team, the “penalty qualification” pick holds a lot of value here.

Manchester City vs Paris Saint Germain:

Finally the viking’s favourite fixture of the quarter finals, because what soccer fan just doesn’t love to see PSG face of with a british team in a high stakes battle. Manchester City is currently 4th in the premier league and with Sergio Aguero performing well this season (scoring 21 goals) it’s likely that they’ll advance a little further (they’ll probably not win but 3rd seems doable) when their back line returns, this will also prove to be one of the main concerns versus PSG as both key defenders Nicolás Otamendi and Vincent Kompany are injured with no expected return date.

Manuell Pelligrini is rumored to take over from Pep Guardiola and become the coach of Bayern for next season and in the light of that Manuell have stated “I want to win a title in europe with city this year”, this should add some fire to City’s morale but with the back line in mind the question is if it will be enough. Because on the other side of the field we have a PSG with the best line-up to date, dominating Ligue-1 and showing another level of class versus Chelsea. Di Maria have shown to be a super-b investment for PSG and his synergy with Zlatan could be one of the main factors that will take PSG far. The Parisians faces one concern though as Marco Veratti will be injured for at least the first leg of the fixture, a player that is key in both creating and defending. With this in mind back-to-back home team victories seems like a good pick for this fixture, however the viking is sure that Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be able to conjure something for the first leg versus the weakened defense of Manchester City and if he manages to do that then it will be all over for City.

Prediction: 1/2 in the first leg in favor of PSG and a straight up PSG victory in the second leg. Over 2.5 goals is a very good pick for both legs of the fixture.

Champions league winner prediction:

Now for the winners prediction we’re looking for one thing and one thing only; Sports betting value. This is because it’s always easy to say “Barcelona is the best team in the world I’ll just go ahead and bet on them”, but in fact there are several factors to have in mind here and Barca facing Atletico in the quarters actually pulls down the value on them as the winners (why would you bet any amount of money on a pick that could go either way when the outcome is not hedgeable).

Most likely winner in our opinion:

The most likely winner of the Champions League 2016 is in the viking’s opinion Bayern Munich, they’ll come into the later stages of the tournament with last years injury ridden play offs in the back of their mind aswell as getting some reinforcements with Martinez back and Boateng on his way. The germans most often play soccer in a flawless way, focusing on possession and passing the ball around to spot weaknesses in the opponents defense. In addition to this they have some of the best attackers in the world with Lewandowski, Muller, Robben and Gotze. They also have one of the most experienced keepers in Manuel Neuer who with his unique style remains unrivaled to this date in our opinion.

Best value picks:

Now time for some sports betting 1.01: when placing a futures bet (the winner of a competition before the finals), the best bet is not always on the most likely winner as some selections hold a big amount of value that can be hedged (you bet on the other side to qualify to secure some of the winnings from a large odds on your selection) if your selection gets a though opponent if they win their quarter final and advance to the semis. Let’s say that PSG advances and you have picked them as your winner for 8.50 x 1 unit (a unit in sports betting is a imaginary number which represents your average bet, if you always bet 10€ then 1 unit = 10€) and they get Bayern Munich in the semis. Now your value on PSG to win should be at about 5-6ish which means that you’ve already gained 2 x 1 unit which you can bet on Bayern Munich to advance in order to secure your profit (this can of course be repeated in the finals).

The picks with the biggest value are:

Champions league 2016 Odds:

Now of course we wouldn’t supply you with all this information and skip out on where to bet on the champions league winner in order to get the best possible odds, which is a compiled list of where you can get the best odds on the winner of the 2016 champions league.

UEFA Champions league winner odds:

We have researched and made an odds comparison from 50+ bookmakers when finding these odds, soon we will offer a browser based software on our homepage so that you can find the best odds for any game in a matter of seconds, bookmark us to make sure that you have easy access to the software once it’s launched.

Tip from the viking:

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Antepost betting for the winner of Champions League, Betting site

Betting site Antepost betting for the winner of Champions League

Do you know who will win the football Champions League this year? If you do know or have enough reasonable doubt, then you can make some money from it. Almost all reputable betting houses offer to their customers to try guessing who will be the winner in the Champions League. Not only that, but they offer great betting odds on it.

As long as you don’t bet on Barcelona or Real Madrid, as these two teams are the main favourites of the bookies and the odds offered for their ultimate victory is not particularly high – 3.5 for Barcelona and 4.5 for Real Madrid.

These are really the two big favourites for the trophy, but don’t forget that it was the same last year, but respectively Chelsea and Bayern Munich ousted them in the semi-finals. Chelsea’s chances of duplicating the title are not particularly large. The bookmakers are offering odds of 15 for this to happen. For Bayern the betting odds are just 10. With the same strength are evaluated also Manchester United and Manchester City.

Then in the layout of the bookies for winning the Champions League we see teams of Juventus and PSG, both teams could bring in 17 betting odds for those who bet on them. Just after the most powerful French and Italian teams ranks Arsenal from London, whose chances are rated at 19.

If you think it is possible this year to have a surprise in the Champions League, then what about the proposal for the tournament title to go to Scotland and Celtic for example. This would provide you betting odds of 501. A bit less than the odds for the Danish team of Nordsealand, whose victory would bring 1501 rate.

However, if you are expecting a surprise in the Champions League, remember that from 1991 until now none of these teams made the surprise. Maybe we can make some exceptions with Dortmund in 1997 and Liverpool with their memorable match against AC Milan in 2005.

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Champions League winner to co-host this year’s SBC Awards

Champions League winner to co-host this year’s SBC Awards

Luke Massey October 18, 2017 Europe, Events, Latest News, SBC Awards, SBC Events, Slider Images, UK Comments Off on Champions League winner to co-host this year’s SBC Awards

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October 11, 2017

Luis Garcia , a Champions League winner with Liverpool and an official ambassador for the Anfield based club, has been confirmed as one of the hosts for this year’s SBC Awards .

Held on Tuesday 5 December at The Artillery Garden in central London, Garcia will be fronting the end of year industry celebration that has been expanded to recognise excellence across all areas of sports betting in 2017, with 28 prizes split into 11 Operator/Affiliate awards and 17 Supplier awards.

In this country, he is most famous for scoring five times in Liverpool’s Champions League winning campaign under Rafael Benitez in 2004/05, which included the infamous ‘ghost goal’ in the semi-final second leg against Chelsea.

Joining Garcia, who also serves as an ambassador for UEFA and FC Barcelona, will be Matt Lorenzo , a TV presenter that has worked for Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel Four and GMTV.

Continuing with the Champions League connection, Lorenzo played a key role in launching ITV’s coverage of the tournament in 1993, while he also became the youngest ever anchor of a networked World Cup in 1994.

Garcia said: “It is a pleasure to be associated with the SBC Awards, which recognises the highest performing companies across the sports betting sector. As a footballer, my objective was always to compete for the biggest prizes, so I’m looking forward to co-hosting an event which translates this desire for success into the world of business.”

Lorenzo added: “Having been involved in the launch of ITV’s Champions League coverage in the early 90’s, it will be an honour for me to co-host an event alongside a subsequent winner of the competition. I’m looking forward to playing a part in the SBC Awards, a Christmas themed end of year celebration for the sports betting industry.”

Now that the nomination deadline has passed, SBC Events will later be announcing shortlists for each of the 28 categories. The Operator/Affiliate Awards will be put to a vote by anyone that attended this year’s Betting on Football and Betting on Sports conferences, while nominees for the Supplier Awards will be assessed by a hand-picked panel of experts.

Meanwhile, in addition to announcing the 28 award winners, Garcia and Lorenzo will also be recognising those who have made a lasting contribution to the industry. Three new members will be inducted into the SBC Sports Betting Hall of Fame to join Sportradar’s Carsten Koerl , FSB Technology’s Mark Blandford and Howard Chisholm , the long-term Managing Director at Chisholm Bookmakers .

SBC Managing Director Andrew McCarron commented: “We are delighted to have signed up Luis Garcia and Matt Lorenzo, two leading names from the world of sport, to host the fourth edition of the SBC Awards.”

Champions League Winner Odds, Blue Square

Champions League Winner Odds

Premier League teams may not enjoy the same level of success in the Champions League as they did for much of the previous decade, but that could change this year.

4.15 pm / 17 June 2014

Premier League teams may not enjoy the same level of success in the Champions League as they did for much of the previous decade, but this year's tournament could be England's time to produce another winner.

While much of the focus is currently on the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich at the top of the Champions League winner odds, there are more and more betting fans who are starting to feel that Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal or Liverpool could in fact have a great chance in this year's tournament.

After a busy summer of player recruitment, Chelsea are expected to be challenging on all fronts this season. Currently the favourites for the Premier League crown, betting fans can get very decent odds of 11/1 for Jose Mourinho's men to go on and win the Champions League next summer.

With new signings Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa preparing for their first season at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea haven't started a season with a squad as strong as this for a good few years.

Other English interest will see Manchester City once again try and get things right in Europe. Champions League success has so far eluded City since their recent run of success, and Manuel Pellegrini will be under no illusions that getting things right in the Champions League could be crucial to him keeping his job beyond this season.

While City have a squad that has everything needed to win this tournament, so far the club have failed to step up to the plate in the Champions League, and some betting fans feel it will be a similar story again this year.

Arsenal have perhaps had more success in the Champions League than they have domestically in recent years.

With new signing Alexis Sanchez preparing for his first campaign at the Emirates, Arsenal fans are heading into the new season with a renewed sense of confidence following the Chile international's arrival. Arsene Wenger is also still thought to be in the market for new signings, so Arsenal's current odds of 20/1 could be worth taking right now.

After a four-year absence from the Champions League, Liverpool will be determined to make up for lost time. While the loss of Luis Suarez may have ended any hopes the club had of winning this year's tournament, Brendan Rodgers' men still look to be in with a strong shout of making the latter stages of the competition.

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