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Bet in Philippines 2017

Bet in Philippines Online Gambling in Philippines 2017

Gambling in Philippines is quite interesting. The whole country is under two regulator :

– The Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)

– The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

PAGCOR control and licences the physical gambling such as betting shop, casino, bingo shop, poker club.

CEZA or Cagayan Freeport is an economic zone in Cagayan. CEZA licence online gambling in Philippines. Even though Philippines gives licences to online gambling website, those website has to respect one rule is no services for Filipinos.

Why Foreign betting site is better?

PAGCOR Licensed bookmakers in Philippines make it easy for Filipinos player since they have various way of payment method such as local bank transfer…

By the way, foreign bookies are better in offering best odds, in-play live, have wilder markets, and support other gambling such as live poker.

It’s not illegal to use foreign betting site but many sites do not accept player in Philippines. Why? It’s because many website licences in Cagayan Freeport and one of the rule for these bookmakers is not accept residents of Philippines.

How does Philippines restrict online foreign bookies?

Many websites that Philippines gives licence cannot accept residents of Philippines. Those website such as 188bet, dafabet, m88. Meanwhile, the popular European betting sites like Bet365 may skip Filipinos.

Where to bet in Philippines

There are more websites that Filipinos player can play such as:

How to Deposit and Withdraw in Philippines Local Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is still able to use with some bookies. Check out the website you’re using or want to place your bet with if they have this method of payment in Philippines.

MoneyGram and Western Union

MoneyGram and Western Union are still methods of payment for Filipinos players. MoneyGram and western union can be found in banks and some post offices that has Logo. Only few websites accept this payment system.

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The Bourne Legacy official trailer, FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES

FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES Online jottings of a Filipino out of time The Bourne Legacy official trailer

Here’s the much-awaited full-length official trailer for The Bourne Legacy that was released yesterday.

Why is FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES posting this stuff? Because this trailer (as well as the movie itself) features several scenes from Metro Manila! But not the pretty sights that a tourist would want to see. Anyway…

The film crew had four countries on their list of shooting locations: Brazil, Indonesia, India and the Philippines; ultimately, the Philippines was chosen. Jeremy Renner arrived in the Philippines on January 6, 2012 while the rest of the cast arrived earlier. From January, 2012 until the middle of February, the film was shot in Metro Manila . The final part of the film was rumored to be shot in Palawan . —Wikipedia —

Finally, the Philippines lands in a major Hollywood film. I’m sure this isn’t the first time that The Pearl of the Orient Sea will be shown in the international silver screen (to name a few, Apocalypse Now and Missing in Action III come to mind). But in an era where social media rule, this is something novel. Let us not, however, cheer yet; we still do not know how our country will be portrayed in this action spy film. Hollywood has a penchant of portraying Third World countries in a negative light.

At any rate, a promotion is still a promotion. The people behind the It’s More Fun in the Philippines tourism campaign must surely be patting each other’s backs for a job well done (if they ever had anything to do about this at all). Things are looking up.

And just imagine this: what if Edward Norton (the antagonist in this film) wasn’t fired from the billion-dollar-earning superhero flick The Avengers? There would have been two Marvel Studios actors in this movie! Hawkeye vs The Incredible Hulk in Manila! Wow!

Best Beaches in the Philippines - Philippine Traveler

Best Beaches in the Philippines

At the mere mention of the Philippines, the mind conjures images of pristine waters, fine white sands and the glorious tropical sun. True to its reputation, this blessed archipelago in Southeast Asia boasts of many stunning shorelines that lure visitors from all over the world.

Made up of 7,107 islands, it is never too hard to experience an exciting beach holiday in the Philippines. Here are our list of the best beaches in the Philippines:

Boracay Island

The island has two other major beaches: Bulabog and Puca. Bulabog Beach is one the other side of the island where the wind is stronger than anywhere in the area. On any given morning, you can see a daredevil wind surfing or riding the waves in Bulabog Beach. Puca Beach is a secluded piece of shore still on the other side of the island. It is named for the puca shells that cover its shoreline. Though beachgoers in Puca are assured of privacy, there are no concessions on this part of the island.

Due to its boom in the past decades, Boracay is now not just about the beach. Aside from the cool sand and sea, the island is a throbbing party capital. The parties in Boracay start with cocktails while watching the beautiful sunset and goes well into the wee hours of the next morning. Those who are not into partying can enjoy many adventures like island hopping, helmet diving, parasailing, scuba diving and driving a dune buggy. Others can indulge in simple pleasures like getting seaside massage or a henna tattoo.

Pagudpud Beach, Ilocos Norte

Those looking to experience a beach comparable to those in Hawaii need not look too far. Pagudpud is another popular beach destination especially to surfers and diehard beach bums. The beach is located in Ilocos Norte, a province that in itself is a cornucopia of tourist attractions. Since it is located in the northern part of Luzon, the Pagudpud Island beaches are known for strong waves and winds.

Pagudpud also has three main beaches: Blue Lagoon, Pansian Beach and Saud Beach. When one says Pagudpud, it often refers to Saud where most of the resorts are located. But unlike Boracay, this beach is lined with palm trees and not with resort buildings. Saud beach is for people looking for a quiet beach holiday. It lacks the noise and hustle of Boracay and compensates with its peaceful ambience and postcard-worthy scenery wherever you look.

There’s really nothing much to do on the beach save for swimming, surfing and tanning. But if you get tired of the sea, Ilocos Norte has plenty of other attractions that are just a short scenic drive away.

Panglao, Bohol

Located just southwest of mainland Bohol, Panglao is another one of the most popular beach destinations in the Philippines. It is especially popular because of its excellent diving spots and of course, white sand beach. The most visited part of Panglao is Alona Beach, a stretch of white sand similar to Boracay. In recent years, more and more establishments and businesses have made way into the shores of Alona beach, luring in more local and international tourists.

There are a lot of things to do in Panglao aside from diving, swimming and soaking up in the sun. Head to Hinagdanan Cave where you can take a dip in freshwater. Be wary though because it can be pitch black inside; the only light comes from flashlights carried by guides. If you’re up early in the morning, you may join a dolphin-watching tour just off Alona Beach.

There’s really no shortage of adventures when in this part of the Philippines. The main island of Bohol itself offers plenty of attractions and activities for those who want to take a day off from Panglao Island.

Island Garden City of Samal, Davao

Heading south to what is considered as the Land of Promise, the beaches of the Island Garden City of Samal are fast gaining popularity among tourists as well. The island is a boat ride away from Davao City and boasts of miles of and fine white sand and turquoise waters. The island is generally still undeveloped though resorts have been cropping up in some places over the years. The Island Garden City of Samal is home to many private resorts that rival most of the popular resorts in the country. In recent years, the local government has ramped up its efforts to boost tourism in the island by hosting Visit Samal, a series of tourist-friendly events that last for the whole summer season.

Full-service resorts as well as private properties dot the island’s shoreline, waiting to cater to the needs and whims of its sun-worshipping visitors. Depending on what floats your boat, you can take your pick from first-class resorts to simple, back-to-basics camping sites along the beach and everything in between. If you can’t make up your mind, join an island hopping tour and see the best that the island has to offer.

Siargao, Surigao del Norte

This beautiful island faces the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the best surfing destinations in the country. In fact, a lot of surfing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Siargo to ride the board-breaking waves of the Pacific. Cloud 9, a famous surf spot hosts a big international surfing tournament annually.

Siargao’s charm lies in its down-to-earth way of living. People get around the island on foot or on what they call a ‘habal-habal’, a large motorbike with a long slab of wood attached to its rear to accommodate more than five passengers. This sounds quite dangerous for some but a Siargao experience is never complete without riding one. Despite it’s reputation, this surfer’s paradise has remained non-touristy and most accommodations charge dirt-cheap rates.

For non-surfers, Siargao offers a lot of caves, waterfalls and dive sites to explore. The Sohoton Caves are a must see for nature lovers. And since you’re on a seaside town, seafood tripping is never a bad idea. Siargao has some of the freshest seafood served in many of its restaurants and diners.

When in the Philippines, it’s not a question of where to go but where to go first. There are many other well-loved beach destinations in the country waiting to be explored and enjoyed. The Philippines is bursting at the seams with white sand beaches, clear waters, coral reefs and adventures that will never fail to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

Do you agree with our list of the best beaches in the Philippines? Have a favorite beach you would add to the list. Let us know by leaving your comment below.

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in the Philippines (with Photos & Map)

10 Top Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

Last updated on November 7, 2016 in Philippines 35 Comments

Located at the very eastern edge of Asia, the Philippines are home to more than 7,000 islands, which are inhabited by friendly locals and many indigenous tribes. From pristine beaches and marvelous natural wonders to interesting historic sites and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the Philippines pack many exciting things to see and do. Check out the following top tourist attractions in the Philippines.

The Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea is a marine sanctuary protected as the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. The reef is made up of two atolls, North Atoll and South Atoll, separated by a deep channel of approximately 5 miles (8 km) wide. It has become one of the most popular dive sites in the Philippines because of its coral walls where the shallow coral reef abruptly ends giving way to great depths. The marine park is open to live-aboard diving excursions between the months of April to June when the waves are most calm.

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Where to Stay in Palawan

Located in Manila, a visit to the San Agustin Church is a must see. Built in 1589, this beautiful church has survived seven earthquakes and two fires over the centuries and now remains as the oldest stone church in the Philippines. At the main entrance, there are exquisite carvings on the wooden doors. Inside the lovely, Mexican-influenced interior is designed in the shape of a Latin cross. The gorgeous ceiling was painted in the 1800s by Italian artists, Giovanni Dibella and Cesare Alberoni.

Rising more than 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) above sea level, Mayon Volcano is significant for its perfectly symmetrical cone shape. Visitors can enjoy a number of activities here such as camping, climbing, hiking, bird watching and photography. A picturesque spot in which to admire Mayon Volcano is from the nearby Cagsawa ruins. Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines, having erupted over 49 times in the past 400 years. The most destructive eruption of Mayon occurred on February 1, 1814 bombarding the nearby towns with volcanic rocks. The belfry and what is left of the baroque church that was destroyed by the 1814 eruption can still be seen.

A small island made up of quiet fishing villages, Malapascua Island is popular for its ideal diving spots and for being the only place in the world to see thresher sharks on a regular basis as well as manta rays and hammerheads. The other hidden gems here are the beautiful, sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters bordered by coconut trees and colorful coral gardens.

Just south of Manila is the charming coastal town of Puerto Galera, well-favored for its gorgeous beaches, excellent diving spots and wide diversity of marine species. The most popular beaches are White Beach and Sabang Beach, which also offer nearby shopping, dining, nightlife and hotel accommodation. Another popular attraction is the natural harbor of Muelle Bay with its rows of shops, restaurants and bars. Visitors can also go snorkeling to see some of Asia’s best coral reefs or dive among old shipwrecks and hundreds of fish species.

Located on the northern coast of the island of Palawa, Puerto Princesa is a nature lover’s paradise. Home to unspoiled landscapes rich in wildlife, this lovely town also lays claim to one of the world’s most unique natural phenomena, an underground river known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. Protected within a national park, this natural wonder is the world’s longest navigable underground river. Guided paddle boat tours show intriguing rock formations and fluttering bats.

Located in the province of Sorsogon, a place of pristine beaches, stunning waterfalls and unexplored caves, the sleepy fishing village of Donsol is the place in the Philippines to see whale sharks. The ocean’s gentle giants can be seen between November and June, with the numbers peaking between February and May. Tourists can also take a boat cruise along the Donsol River through mangrove and palm trees, and watch the night light up with millions of sparkling fireflies. If that’s not enough, a traditional shrimp-catching expedition with bamboos and nets, followed by a tasty dinner of the cooked catch is also available.

One of the top tourist attractions in the Philippines, The Chocolate Hills are unusual geological formations that consists of at least 1,268 individual mounds scattered throughout the interior of the island of Bohol. The almost symmetrical and same-sized formations range from 98 to 164 feet (30 to 50 meters) high and are covered in green grass. During the dry season the grass turns brow, hence the name. There is no consensus on how these giant mole hills were formed. One theory holds that the Chocolate Hills are the weathered rock formations of a kind of marine limestone on top of an impermeable layer of clay.

Boracay may be a small island, but it packs great features such as award-winning beaches, beautiful resorts and great adventures like cliff diving, parasailing, motorbiking, horse riding, snorkeling, kite surfing and scuba diving. If that is not enough, boat tours allow visitors to watch stunning sunsets, explore volcanic caves and remote coves of turquoise lagoons. When the sun sets, Boracay night-life pulsates with many bars and restaurants serving food, drinks and fun until dawn.

No trip to the Philippines could be complete without seeing the spectacular Banaue Rice Terraces. Carved from the mountain ranges about 2,000 years ago without modern tools by the Ifugao tribes, these magnificent farm terraces resemble giant steps reaching up to the sky. Locals to this day still plant rice and vegetables on the terraces, although more and more younger Ifugaos do not find farming appealing and emigrate to the cities.

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Yeah, there are so many beautiful places in Philippines. Specially their beaches, I love Boracay white sands and pristine water.

The Chocolate Hills are an example of karst topography. Over thousands of years, the limestone base was dissolved by carbonic acid that was formed by water (rainfall, surface water, underground water) mixed with carbon dioxide. This is also how other similarly awesome topography in the Philippines was formed, e.g., Hundred Islands in Lingayen Gulf, the limestone islets around El Nido, and the Underground River in Puerto Princesa.

Cheers from Manila!

Chris Pado says

I think the best of Philippines was missed here. I believe that Coron, Palawan is the best to visit in the Philippines. A lot of white sand beaches, lagoon, the Kayangan Lake – the cleanest lake and sunken Japanese warships are great for diving. Here are great places to go in Coron:

Kayangan Lake , Barracuda Lake, Sunken Japanese Wrecks, Coral Garden, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, Mt Tapyas, Banana Island, Siete Pecados, Malcapuya Island, Skeleton Reef, Black Island, Caluit Island (Animal Sanctuary), North & South Cay Island.

If you doubt, just google the place i mentioned and it will blow you away…

Xandee Alvero says

i agree. the philippines has lots of tourists spots, especially beaches! 🙂

Hi guys, Ive went to boracay. It was a blast. We went diving, Banana boat riding, ate fine seafoods and chilling in the bars at night. What makes it so nice is that filipinos and foreigners are so polite and happy being a part of such place. Day and night the place is so colorful and romantic as well. Hope you all can visit there.

Rolly Valdez says

El Nido should be on the list.. It’s a paradise! I’ve seen the chocolate hills but I really didn’t appreciate it.

Barry Hallett says

I went to the Philippines in Oct 2012.El nido was stunning i must say,Bohol i thought was well overated.Anopther must see place if you like history is a visit to Corregidor Island,Fantastic Island off Manila,Im going back to El nido in Oct 2013.Might take in Coron this time too and Taal volcano.

john angelo rivera says

CORON is the best! i’ve been there so many times, and planning to go back again… hmmn. i wonder why it is not here??

dhyanne prenciona says

Absolutely right I’m so proud of our beautiful tourist spots at Philippines mostly Boracay u will be very enjoy the cool ambiance nd if ever u like some cold places u must visit the Bagio the Tagaytay nd others. You will love the veiws of Hundred Islands too! Try to visit also the Cebu, Davao, nd Palawan nd ofcourse the Manila where there’s a Museum ,MOA nd Cavite nd Laguna our historic places.

I love the Philippines. been There 4 times. My favorite is palawan.

zhera mating says

would you believe that i am from ifugao and i never saw banaue rice terraces.. maybe someday somehow i’ll reach that place

Wow. Nice list. These are the popular ones but a lot out there are still hidden or unknown to many such a Isla de Gigantes, Palui Island, Calaguas Group of Islands, etc. El Nido and Coron in Palawan ar also worth a mention.

Im thinking about going to the philippines but would like to know if its an exspensive destination to visit? Im not looking for glamorous accommodation but something decent, does anyone know what pricing is like? Thanks.

Thank you for featuring our country, the Philippines. The places included in the list are indeed beautiful, I’ve personally been to 6 of the 10 listed in here, but touring the Philippines need not be limited to these places alone as in almost every province there’s something to see (I haven’t been to every province but given that the Philippines is made up of 7107 islands, there’s bound to be different things to see :D).

As for Paul, the Philippines is not an expensive place to visit, especially if you want to visit the provinces (where most of the places listed are located). There are many decent accommodations that cost 10-15 usd or less (includes meals already). And if you want to slum it, the cost will definitely be cheaper. Most of these accommodations can be contacted via email or through their website, and you can also purchase via booking sites because sometimes they have promo prices. Hope this helps! Have fun!

Hinatuan river in Surigao del Sur should be there too 😀

Aurora is also one of the best and cheapest place to visit in the Philippines. Province of Senator Angara.

One of the best tourist destination is El Nido and Coron, in Palawan. These 2 destinations are just a small town but what makes makes it unique and different from other places is its natural inviting crystal clear waters in diverse and full of marine life lagoons, caves, lakes and beaches. Priceless experience, tiring but worth it to be in these places.

U must visit also mindanao part.esp surigao del sur.the tinuy an falls.enchanted river.etc.

For me?,boracay is the best, not just because it is a tourist destination, but also of white beach,and there are also many ita or negrito tribes.come on visit boracay and explore the beauty.

Awesome. Philippines is really amazing and has many beautiful places that you can visit! One of the best country in the world 😀 You may also visit: EL Nido, Coron Palawan, Siargao, Boracay, Kawasan Falls . And many more beaches and falls.You can have Island Hopping also! Awww THE BEST! :))

May I also suggest, for diving or just relaxing, Puerto Galera is a good bet. Check out this post:

boracay and elnido are the best!

elnido,coron and boracay are the best!

Yea. Philippines Rocks! and Boracay is the number 1! I know a tourist attraction in Cebu. They call it “The Sardine Run” and “The Diver’s Spot”. Its called Pescador Island.

Ryan Andrew Dimacuha says

There is a lot more unexplored places you can visit in the Philippines. Imagine having 7107 islands, for sure there will be some small place that you will miss out. One of which is CARABAO ISLAND. A very nice place to visit similar to BORACAY but without the bars. A perfect place for people who wants to have a quiet place to stay.

Rhonalyne Bastor Antonio says

For me , the 1st one that i’ve seen from this 10 top tourist attractions is Puerto Gallera. Also one of the best that I have seen. Wonderful. We went for snorkeling, nice nice nice, want to visit more there…

When it comes to diving, snorkling, and island hopping try Apo Island in Negros Oriental simpy the best:)

jerson baculi says

the philippines is really blessed.. beaches,natural parks.. WOW! i hope more Filipinos will visit them someday.

Hi guys, thank you very much for sharing all these beautiful tourist spots in our beloved country The Philippines. But you should go and visit Iloilo and Guimaras island too, the beaches there are superb, like Boracay it is also a fine white sands. It is very safe place clean and not polluted. People there are very warm,friendly and sweet. And foods and accommodations there are cheap and really good too, specially fruits and seafoods. You must try to go there because it’s gonna be an unforgettable experience and you would want to go back, for sure.

Nice to see all the beautiful and irresistible places in the Philippines. .Mambukal in Negros Occidental must be here..with its stunning and unforgetable water dripping down..

Ive been to 6 out of 10 tourist spots in this list..

But EL NIDO, SAGADA, and GUIMARAS… Are my favorite.

Been to 6 out 10 places . Haven’t been to ‘Malapascua, Tubataha, , Chocolate Hills and Rice Terraces. I agree with some of the comments here, Coron Island should be included. The places not miss there are the following, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake (fresh hot and cold water), you can see the thermocline. Mount tapyas (hill with hundreds of stairs to view sunset). Hot spring (need to pay), and of course Wreck Diving . I have a diving license so this is the place to be. Donsol with Whale shark is also a must see and experience.

Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Philippines. This may I will be in Donsol to experience whale shark watching. This is so exciting.

Batanes is not included? El Nido and Batanes are tied at no. 1 spot!!

Sean Gobrin says

To all the people that look and read these lists, I grew up in the philippines but I lived now in California I go back to Philippines often. I must say and I’ll repeat it again I must say that there’s a hundred hidden gems in the Philippines that most people don’t know you have to know someone that know where to go and I guarantee you, you will be amazed, guaranteed.

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