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Premier League Predictions

Premier League Predictions

So, we were thinking of doing a bunch of predictions for the Premier League last week and then thought, well actually, you never know what could happen? And we’re probably better off doing it after the opening week? & how right were we?! So now we come to our predictions, a week after the opening day.

Firstly, who saw that United defeat coming at Old Trafford? LVG’s first game in charge was like a horror story, something Tom Cleverley would’ve seen in his nightmares but no better way to prove people wrong than to bounce back right? Another key highlight was Tony Pulis leaving Crystal Palace at such a tender time in the season, what happened there?

Anyway over to our predictions, so our ambassador Robbie Savage backed Chelsea to win the league, we’ve been discussing within our team who we reckon will go all the way and it’s a two horse race for us between Manchester City and Chelsea. City haven’t recruited too many new faces which could work hugely in their favour as their squad from last year has remained pretty much the same. Everyone knows the saying, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! As for Chelsea, they’ve probably done the best business in the market with three signings from Spain (Costa, Fabregas & Luis), add them three to their squad and they’ve got a squad that can easily compete with City. Just quickly on the Atleti duo, both wear the Adidas F50 which you can get an insight into within our Savage interview, but the alarming question is, one of the two is an attacker, the other is a defender, should both be wearing the eye-catching F50′s or should Luis tone down a little?!

Top four? We’re with Robbie again, Arsenal will be in there, they always are and with the addition of a world class player in Alexis Sanchez, it only makes them more likely to get top four. The other spot in the top four? It could be any of the following; Liverpool, Manchester United, Spurs or Everton. Liverpool have lost Luis Suarez and unless they bring in Ronaldo or Messi, Suarez can’t be replaced. Manchester United have a very similar squad to last year but have lost experienced players in Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra but have no Champions League fixtures. As for Spurs and Everton, we can always expect an outsiders challenge from the two.

After the top 7, Robbie mentioned that the rest of the 13 teams are in a league of their own. It’s been a pretty unpredictable start to the campaign and with that in mind it’s a real task picking the next 13 teams in the correct order. So, we’ll play it safe and just say that we expect a solid season from Newcastle who looked like a refreshed side when they took on Manchester City. Along with Southampton, during the transfer market, they’ve probably been the most talked about club, with many pundits worried that they may go down this year. But after their display against Liverpool you get the feeling they might just be okay.

Finally, the bottom three. For us, there’s only three teams we fancy to go down, Burnley for one. It was a miracle for them to get promoted but now when you look across the squad, there isn’t many top class players, or players who have made an impact in the Premier League and there’s a real lack of goals in that side. The teams that often go down lack goals, that will be Burnley’s biggest problem. The other two sides for us are Leicester City and Crystal Palace. Firstly, Palace, there is only one reason; last season they were dead and buried until Tony Pulis came in and saved the day, he’s no longer there so their back to square one, for us, their down. Finally, Leicester City, similar to Burnley, a lack of goals could be the problem. They have spent £7-8m on Ulloa from Brighton, but he isn’t a Premier League proven striker. The other man they’ll turn to is David Nugent who’s record in the Premier League for Portsmouth was poor (3 goals in 34 games). For that reason, we feel they’ll struggle to stay up. If there was one other team that we’d say may be fighting for their lives this year, it could be West Brom. When you look at their squad and compare it to some of the others around them, it could be an uphill battle for them this season.

Surprise package this season? QPR. The number of top quality players they have in their side makes them a dangerous opposition and surely they can’t do as bad as they did last time around? Added to that, if they keep Loic Remy fit, they’ve got a striker who can easily grab 15+ goals.

Check out the full Robbie Savage interviews below, Robbie talks Premier League, predictions and football boots with us!

What do you think? Who’s going to win the league? Get relegated? Be the surprise package? Tweet us @kitbaguk, comment below or write to us on Facebook.

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