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Sir Alex Ferguson reneged on concrete agreement to manage Tottenham, says Irving Scholar

Sir Alex Ferguson reneged on 'concrete' agreement to manage Tottenham, says Irving Scholar

15:13, UK, Wednesday 11 October 2017

Sir Alex Ferguson reneged on a "concrete" agreement to become the Tottenham manager two years before he began his illustrious 27-year spell in charge of Manchester United, according to former Spurs chairman Irving Scholar.

Keith Burkinshaw left his managerial position at White Hart Lane in 1984 after a disagreement with the board to outcry from the Spurs faithful, despite leading the club to the UEFA Cup and two FA Cup victories in the previous three campaigns.

Scholar has admitted he believed he knew the name of Burkinshaw's replacement having shaken hands on a deal to bring in Ferguson, only for the Scot to go back on the agreement.

Ferguson had led Aberdeen to a league title in 1980 along with three successive Scottish Cup victories from 1982 to 1984 and success in the 1983 European Cup Winners' Cup final against Real Madrid and was Scholar's main target.

"The truth was that I had been talking to and negotiating with Alex Ferguson about a deal," Scholar revealed to The Sun. "He and I had had very long and detailed discussions.

"I told him that I was a very old-fashioned type of chap and that the most important thing was that once you agree something, once you shake someone's hand, it's concrete.

"Once you do that, then you do not - under any circumstances whatsoever - you do not go back on it. It's over. I told him that, when I first met him. So we had this big thing about the handshake."

However, Ferguson's arrival in charge at Tottenham never materialised despite Scholar being convinced the Scotsman had achieved his full potential at Pittodrie.

"We went on and on and on, discussions, negotiations, down to the minutiae of the contract," added Scholar, who took control of Spurs in 1982.

"Everything was agreed. So I said 'Can we meet?', he agreed and I said I'd like him to meet someone else on the board, Paul Bobroff. We arranged to meet in Paris on a Sunday morning, just by the airport.

"The idea was this was the moment, the seminal moment of the handshake. We'd built up to this for weeks. So we met. I said, 'Are you ready?'. He replied, 'I'm ready'.

"I said, 'Are you sure you're ready?'. He said, 'I'm sure'. So we had this seminal moment of the handshake. As you know, unfortunately, he didn't keep to it.

"He never told me why. I had my own theories but it doesn't matter anymore. It was a disappointment. He stayed at Aberdeen for another two years."

Ferguson won a further league title and a Cup and League Cup double during his final two years in charge of Aberdeen before beginning his tenure in charge of Manchester United in 1986.

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Is there a slang word or idiom for someone who borrows money from friends or relatives and never (or rarely) pays them back? English Language - Usage

someone who reneges on a bet

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Is there a slang word or idiom for someone who borrows money from friends or relatives and never (or rarely) pays them back?

Edit - My question doesn't refer to bank loans or credit card accounts. Nor does it refer to getting things out of other people's generosity. It is specifically about money and the putative duplicate doesn't address that. If there is no specific word for someone who never pays back his debts, then the answer here should be "there is no specific word for that".

I'm looking for a slang word or idiom for a person who borrows small amounts from friends or relatives (say US$ 50-200) and never pays them back. Usually this kind of person has low-income or is jobless. He is irresponsible, he knows he won't be able to pay his debts but doesn't care. (Perhaps because he knows nobody will be taking him to court because of US$20 or 50.)

"I wouldn't lend him one cent. Everybody knows he's a . "

13 Answers

You can consider welch or welcher. These terms are used for people who fail to repay a small debt. The debt is usually a betting or gambling debt but these terms can be applied to other contexts as well. They are considered derogatory.

A person who defaults on an obligation, especially a small one.

She's a welch. That isn't hers, I lent her that watering can three years ago.

  1. To fail to repay a small debt.
  2. To fail to fulfill an obligation.

Moocher--a bit old-fashioned and not much in use nowadays.

Deadbeat is a bit more general.

Deadbeat specifically means someone who doesn't pay back money borrowed, or debts owed, ever. A deadbeat borrows, and betrays trust of family and friends.

A moocher or a sponge or a freeloader or a scrounger have similar meanings to each other, but different than deadbeat. All are cheapskates, consistently taking advantage of the generosity or obliviousness of others in a non-business context. These terms do not necessarily, or even customarily, refer to taking money, but rather, sharing a ride but not reciprocating as promised, sharing a hotel room at a convention but not contributing to the expenses etc.

It isn't especially relevant to this question, but since a highly regarded community member with an up voted answer used an ngram (not "ngam"), I will do similarly to make my case for deadbeat.

A scrounger is a term commonly used for this kind of person:

  • To obtain (something) by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: scrounged a few dollars off my brother.

  • Seek to obtain (something, typically food or money) at the expense or through the generosity of others or by stealth. ( from OED).

Ngram: scrounger, freeloader, sponger and moocher.

Sponger: Freeloader: Parasite: Leech: Bloodsucker; will all serve your purpose, but use at your own discretion as some are stronger than others. Sponger could be used quite lightly, but parasite would be harsh.

'You sir! Are a freeloading, bloodsucking parasite!'

In New Zealand and Australia we might use the term bludger.

I hear "mooch" more than I hear "moocher." To me it means someone who's always looking to get other people to give them stuff.

I don't know that I've heard "scrounger" or "scrounge" since I was a teen -- which is a long time ago.

To me, "deadbeat" is the closest word, as in "deadbeat dad," a father who owes child support but isn't paying it.

As with most slang, though, it's subjective and probably regional.

In the digital generation, leecher is also used. It can include other kinds of social parasitism, but the not-repaying-money scenario is a very good example for it.

As far as I'm aware, the origin is from P2P networks. But maybe there is an earlier use which was already established when the term became common in P2P.

Another synonym I haven't seen mentioned yet is cadger. To cadge is to persuade someone to give you something, and a cadger is someone who cadges things.

Cadger should not be confused with codger, which is a mildly derogatory term for an old man.

'schnorrer'--A Yiddish/German term

to describe a freeloader who frequently asks for little things, like cigarettes or small sums of money without offering a return. The English usage of the word denotes a sly chiseler who will get money out of his acquaintances any way he can, often through an air of entitlement. A schnorrer is distinguished from an ordinary beggar by dint of his boundless 'chutzpah' [offensive nerve]. Like 'moocher', 'schnorrer' does not apply to direct begging or destitution, but rather to a habit of getting things (foods, tools) by politely or insistently borrowing them with no intention of return. [Wikipedia]

In my circle if a friend borrowed money from another he would be called a reneger. Actually there is nothing in the world worse than a reneger.

A person who reneges.

To welsh on bets.

To consistently not honor contracts or commitments. I never make bets with Jack. He's a reneger and won't pay when he loses, but has no problem collecting when he wins.

Although this might not qualify as a slang, one humorous term that I have used to refer to a friend of mine is 'black-hole' in reference to the characteristic of this astronomical element which keeps sucking everything which comes near it and nothing ever comes out of it :)

Intended for people who ask for small loans with inconsiderable ability to pay back obligations.

loan shark: someone who never pays back.

loan junkie: someone who constantly asks for a loan.

The Risks of Reneging on a Job Offer, Purdue CCO Blog

Purdue CCO Blog Purdue University | Center for Career Opportunities

The Risks of Reneging on a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is exciting, but the real stress comes when deciding whether or not to accept it. Since most employers give a short time frame to negotiate and accept, many people figure that going through with the acceptance is the best option. Their strategy is to land the job, but some may continue their job search to look for something better. They may be on the hunt for a better company, higher salary, or a better location. If the student happens to find a better option and withdraws their acceptance, it is called reneging. When taking this route, students fail to recognize the bigger picture. It’s important to consider these three points before reneging.

  1. When you accept your offer, companies are no longer looking for a candidate. Imagine this: Your dream company, who you’ve just accepted an offer with, calls you to say, “We want to rescind our offer because we found someone who is even more qualified.” Wouldn’t you be heart-broken, frustrated, or infuriated? With this in mind, accepting offers is a two way street. Companies expect you to follow the same rule.
  2. There have been companies who have not come back to recruit from Purdue. Especially when it comes to on-campus recruiting and interviewing, companies are paying large sums of money to participate. When they dedicate time and money to recruit a student they really like and that student reneges on their offer, companies get frustrated. This creates a bad reputation for Purdue and ultimately takes away future opportunities from Purdue students.
  3. Recruiters are well connected. For all you know, the recruiter of the company you just reneged on could be a close friend of the recruiter of the new company whose offer you’ve just accepted. There have been instances where the new company retracts their offer after hearing that you reneged on the first company.

When thinking about reneging, please remember that this situation is much larger than you. Many implications can come from reneging, however, the decision ultimately comes down to what you think is best. Keep this in mind for any internship or job offers that come your way. Good luck!

Ask E

Ask E. Jean: How Do I Renege on a Bet with My BFF?

I just don't have the money I owe her.

Dear E. Jean: My best friend/business partner and I are thick as thieves. We get in trouble together, we talk about everything—sex, men, life, you name it. There have been times when I've given her money and vice versa, but never more than $300. Here's the problem: Some time ago, we made a bet—$1,000 was at stake. I won. But I'm not sure how to ask her for the money. It's a big chunk! I'm in desperate need of the $1,000! How do I approach her? —Nervous Wreck

Nervous, my nasturtium: Of course you're "desperate" for the $1,000, God knows we all are. But forget it. And if you love her, tell her to forget it, too. These days, when the stock market is behaving like the baby in Family Guy, we must keep our friendships in good repair, not tear them to shreds over minor coin.

P.S. Next time you want a "flutter," as P. G. Wodehouse calls it, keep the sport under $25. You'll enjoy the same thrill of trouncing your opponent (which is what wagering is all about), and you'll still get the chance to show what a good loser you can be with frisky remarks like, "Yes, you won, but only because my thighs are thinner."

Business, you know, may bring money, but friendship hardly ever does.—Jane Austen

This letter is from the E. Jean archive.

The Bet by tie_me

someone who reneges on a bet

I had lost the bet. Tammy was going to collect and while I had agreed to the general terms of the forfeit I didn't really know the details. We had agreed that: There would be witnesses to the forfeit.

Nudity, sex, pain and bondage are allowed but no marks may be made on the body.

A reddened butt is not considered a mark.

The forfeit lasts for up to six hours.

So here I stood on her doorstep at 9 AM on a Saturday morning wondering what I was getting into. Now let me make it very clear I am not an exhibitionist, and the idea of being naked in front of a group of people was not a thrill. In fact, I tend to be somewhat shy and the thought that I would be seen by a group of people while naked really bugged me. Worse, the agreement meant that I would probably have sex in front of the group and also made to cum for them. I really was tempted to back out. But I never renege on a bet, so here I was about to be shown to a group of people and not only be shown naked but also to be made to cum and have sex in front of the group. Tammy greeted me warmly. She told me she half expected me to beg off. I assured her that I never begged off from giving my word. We had a cup of tea and talked until 9:30 when she finally announced it was time to prepare before the others arrived. I followed her to her studio and saw there the items she had assembled. I now really dreaded what was coming next. On her work table was a bunch of chains like a dog leash, eight small padlocks, a gag in the shape of a penis (very wide but not very long) that attached to a full head harness, nipple clamps, (the clover type that tighten when tugged on), and a blindfold.

She put the blindfold on me first. Then shae inserted the gag over that and into my mouth. I heard a click and after feeling around realized the gag was locked in my mouth and I couldn't get at the blindfold to remove it without moving the gag's harness.

“Remove your shirt.” Tammy ordered.

I removed my shirt and shortly after that felt chain being placed around my wrists.

I would find out later that she had locked the chain to the ends of a pole which was attached via a cable to a pulley over my head. On the front side of the pulley was a small bar that went through the cable at right angles, preventing the pole from descending too far. This did two things once she had attached the cable to the chain between the nipple clamps she put on me. First it stopped me from lowering my hands to the top of my head and second it prevented the nipple clamps from being tugged off but allowed me to pull them to the maximum pain level. She made me spread my legs wide, while reaching up as high as I could and then she adjusted the clamp cable attachment to where it just hurt. She then had me lower my hands as far as they could be lowered and ensured that the clamps didn't pull off my nipples. The clamps stayed on but it really hurt. I then felt a weight being added to the pole making it heavier. I heard the door bell and she fussed a bit then left me standing there helpless.

It wasn't too long before I heard Tammy and another woman approach. “My, my he doesn't look too comfortable does he.” A voice I recognized quipped.

“No, and we'll make him even more uncomfortable before the day is through.” Tammy answered, as the door chime rang again.

I felt the other woman approach and heard her whisper, “I'm going to enjoy watching you cum, sonny boy.”

Tammy and two other women joined my tormenter and the door bell rang after a few more moments. Once everyone had arrived there were at least eight women in the room watching me suffer.

Tammy then said, “Ok John, you're heard everyone speak at least once, name three of the women in the room and you won't be figged, name four and you will be allowed to see the woman who lost her bet when you have sex with her, name five or more and I'll leave the gag out and remove the blindfold.

I managed to name two of the women and only two. What I would find out later was that they were the only girls I knew other than Tammy.

“Too bad for you sonny. You only got two of us.” Tammy announced . Someone then undid my pants and pulled them down. Someone pulled down my briefs and I stood naked hands, locked over my head. The girls pulled my legs apart and soon they were held wide by a spreader bar. This made it harder not to pull on my nipples.

Someone started to stroke my prick and fondle my balls and I was very soon hard as an iron bar my prick pulsing and wanting more. They stopped, leaving me frustrated. I moaned into the gag. I had found out that trying to talk choked me so remaining silent was the best option. Moaning didn't choke however which was good. I felt something being put around my balls that was cold and slim. A clicking sound from it was heard and it snugged down till it hurt slightly. More prick stroking and pausing. They were driving me nuts. Then I felt something being shoved into my ass. It was chilly at first and then it began to burn. They'd shoved a hunk of ginger root in me and it was burning.

Then the flogging started. My ass clenched with each blow making the burning more intense. The hands stroked my prick too and the flogger slammed into my backside. After thirty strokes the flogging stopped and the hands stroked more intensely. There was a clicking sound when she paused and then more clicking as the stroking restarted. It felt like an eternity and I exploded shooting my cum into the air, entertaining the girls in the room. The stroking continued and I was milked. I would find out later that most of my cum had been caught in a cup. When no more came out they left me to come down. So I stood in the dark and in pain my ass and nipples on fire and my arms aching as I held the bar above my head trying not to pull on my nipples. It seemed like forever before the girls came back into the room. I was always in view from the other room via the camera setup and so was not really alone.

“Don't speak until told to, we're going to remove the gag.” Tammy ordered and waited till I nodded my agreement.

It was a relief to have the gag out and then they fed me my cum.

“Now it's time for you to give us pleasure.” Tammy said and my hands were released from the pole and the nipple clamps removed making me gasp in pain. I was moved over to a bench and laid down. My arms were locked behind my back under the bench and the spreader bar remained between my ankles. Someone stroked my prick again making me hard.

“You are going to give each of us at least one orgasm. We're going to then decide whether you see Claire or not as you fuck her. So if you want the blindfold off do a good job.” Tammy instructed me.

I didn't get a chance to nod before someone sat on my face, with her pussy covering my mouth and my nose in her ass hole. It was difficult to breath but I managed. It wasn't long before she squeezed my head painfully as she cried out while she came. There was no rest and the next girl sat on my face. She took a bit longer but I managed to get her to cum a long time by gently biting her clit as she came. Someone stroked my prick making me very horny. And the next girl rode my face. She was a screamer and a gusher giving my face a cum bath and choking me. They helped me recover by tipping the bench up somehow and soon another girl was sitting on my face riding to ecstasy. She had a more tangy taste than the other girls. It was exhausting but fun work eating all nine girls.

There was a pause in the action and the girls voted whether to let me see or not. Only Claire voted no so the blindfold came off. I looked around me and saw Tammy, Julia, and Jillian, and six other girls.

“Claire lost a bet as well so she will now pay her forfeit. Strip slowly and sexy for us, Claire.” Tammy ordered.

Music from the stereo filled the room and Claire did a very slow and arousing strip. It was obvious from how she moved that she didn't like getting naked in front of everyone. I wasn't thrilled about it either but a bet is a bet.

Soon she was naked and her hands were locked to a pole like mine were. Then they bent her over the table and inserted a but plug of ginger in her ass. Finally 6 small clamps with little chains and bars dangling from them were attached to her labia, three on each side. I looked down and noticed three protrusions and holes on each side of the cuff locked around my balls. She was led over to me and made to impale herself on my prick. Tammy stopped her when she was half way in. I heard a clicking noise and my balls were tugged. The little bars had been fitted through the holes in the cuff and then pulled through. The clamps were tightened by a small wedge on the up side of the cuff making them very tight. There was a pull and Claire and I both cried out in pain masking the click as we were locked labia to balls.

My hands were then attached to the pole holding her hands wide and the pole was attached to a collar that was put around my neck. The spreader bar between my legs was removed and they helped me to stand. A few twinges of pain on my balls and I was standing Clair impaled on my prick, my hands wide at shoulder height. We were walked over to a large mirror and looked at ourselves. Clair spread her legs slightly and I looked at her lovely breasts as they jiggled while we walked toward the mirror. It was after we stopped I noticed the video camera.

“You're making a movie of this?” I burst out.

“Please don't film this.” Clair immediately said after I spoke.

“You were both told not to speak unless told to do so. So we're going to up the ante of your humiliation.” Tammy and the other women smirked. There was a 30” flat screen beside the mirror and it flicked to life. I watched the cum shoot from my prick and then watched as Clair stripped, got figged, clamped, and impaled herself on my prick. Then we watched as we were helped up and walked over to the mirror. I couldn't deny it was all very sexy and arousing. My prick twitched inside Clair and her cunt tightened around my prick.

“Since you both spoke,” Tammy said after the video stopped showing us standing in front of the mirror, “you will have to both cum five times before you're released. Follow me, both of you and every one else too.”

One of the women, who Tammy called Anita, picked up the video camera and moving backwards in front of us walked toward the end of Tammy's studio. I dreaded the thought of what we were about to be made to do, but dreaded even worse the thought of what they would do if we refused. Clair looked over her shoulder at me and I could tell she was thinking the same thing. I had never met Clair before today and here we both were intimately locked and having sex in front of a group of women most of who I didn't know. I would find out later that Clair only knew Jackie and Tammy. At the end of Tammy's studio were a set of old wooden oak doors that framed a long slender glass panel. Looking through the glass we could see a lovely deck and the steps that led down to her back yard. Because of the peculiarity of the lot not only the houses on both sides overlooked her yard but the eight houses behind her house and a condo tower could also look into the yard.

Tammy stopped the camera with Anita just inside the door and said to us as we paused, “The house immediately across the street is a frat house. If you're lucky no one will be there. However, since this is a Saturday I think that the place will have many people there. Now you all know I do bondage and Humiliation here and they do too, so they keep an eye on my yard on the weekends. The rule is they may not post any pictures they take. I am going to put these hoods on you both so you will be very hard to ID, but you will go out there to the middle of the yard, turn a full 360 twice, and then facing this house cum, both of you. If you do not both cum, I will make you walk the circuit of the garden six times and try again. OK, out we go.”

With that Sue opened the doors to the deck and Anita backed out, Soft cloth hoods were put on me and Clair. Then we walked outside onto the deck. I don't know if you have ever felt the massage that your prick gets when it is inside a walking woman. The feelings are incredible and quite exquisite. But cumming is very difficult while you walk so it wasn't until we had walked around the garden, twice and then twirled on the spot in the middle of the garden and faced Tammy's house that we both began to hump and then explode. We came together not by design but because we were so horny it was making us stagger. As we came down panting we could hear cheering and clapping behind us. We were made to walk the circuit around the edge of the garden twice more before the hood were removed and we were let into the house. As we walked toward the back of the garden could see every window in the frat house had someone hanging out of it. I felt like dying, the humiliation removing all thought. The fact that these people had watched me cum in Clair and applauded!

I sighed and by the time we were entering the studio once more realized my prick was hardening again due to the incredible massage of the walking muscles. Clair later told me that the feeling caused by my twitching prick as she walked was phenomenal and that she wanted to feel it again. We would of course indulge in this some more but that's another story.

Tammy, true to her word about making this more torturous, put us on a treadmill with our nipples clover-clamped to the front and back of the horseshoe-like rail that surrounded the moving belt. Mine were clamped to the back of the U shape and Claire's to the middle. We were then forced to do a slightly slower than usual walk for two kilometers. We we facing the mirror and the camera was beside the mirror facing us. I watched Clair's body and got more and more horny. Soon we were both panting from desire and humping each other. The walking prevented us from cumming; it was just too fast. Less than half way Claire broke her silence and started to beg the room to be allowed to cum. Soon I joined her in begging and after a bit of this we were gagged and told we would be punished for speaking.

We had a tenth of a K to go when the doorbell rang. Puzzled, Tammy went to the door. I could hear voices but was unable to understand the words. Curious, some of the women left off watching our torment and went to the door.

After about three minutes Tammy and the others returned accompanied by 7 girls and 9 guys from the frat house! Tammy explained that they were paying to get into our party by agreeing that they would share in making the show. As she was speaking Sue produced a deck of cards and all the frat girls drew one. A cute red head with a lithe body and freckled face got the low card and a dark guy drew the low male card. A tall blond guy and an oriental girl had the high cards. The oriental stripped the swarthy and strong guy and locked his hands behind his back with the proffered handcuffs. The blond guy had real fun stripping the redhead and locking her hands.

We all watched as they were both figged. The red head looked on fascinated as the metal cuff was locked onto the guy's balls. I was fascinated as the clamps were attached to her labia. I finally got to see what they had done to us. The little pins slid into the holes in the cuff on either side of his balls. Pulling them through the cuff and then tightening it one last notch while pulling locked the clamps to the cuff and tightened them on the girls labia. They were now locked in a fuck like we were except their hands were locked behind their backs. The girl was bent forward, her tits dangling with his prick buried in her. Tammy unlocked her cuffs, pulled her hands behind his back and re cuffed them. They were then led out into the back yard like we had been. Meanwhile another card draw and another couple were stripped. This time a lovely busty black girl and a short stocky guy with curly brown hair. He was tied to the pleasure bench his prick pointing straight up and his hands attached underneath it. They put the girl in the stocks and then they were both blindfolded.

Our treadmill stopped and everyone watched us as we came. Then the treadmill was restarted for another long walk. Once the couple returned from the back yard they were placed on another treadmill and we watched them walk. Soon like us they were gyrating trying to cum while walking and getting more and more frustrated.

The other frat guys were all now naked and lined up to fuck the girl in the stocks, and the girls were lined up to ride the guy on the bench. One girl sat on his face and one rode his prick. This continued for about three hours and I was nearing the end of my forfeit. I came in Clair a fourth time and they let us off the treadmill. We were then unlocked from each other and Clair was made to clean my prick with her mouth. Tammy made me do one last thing before letting me free and that was to fuck the girl in the stocks. They also made Claire fuck the guy attached to the bench. Then we watched the couple on the treadmill cum. Once they recovered they fucked the blindfolded couple. I was relieved when everyone left and I got dressed.

I drove Claire home and went up to her apartment for a night cap. We talked well into the night and.

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