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Yahoo Web Search NASCAR Las Vegas odds, lines, betting and picks

NASCAR Las Vegas odds offer some great value with Denny Hamlin, who has never missed the Top-10 in the desert. He'll have to contend with Matt Kenseth, who's opened .

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Compare Nascar Future Odds, lines & point spreads from multiple sports books for betting Nascar Racing Championship from DonBest.

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This section demonstrates a complete, structured future odds that we offer at Las Vegas Sports Betting 2017 World Series; NASCAR Championship

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Betting Odds. . NASCAR RACING BETTING ODDS . . Apache Warrior 400 Odds The 2017 NASCAR Monster Energy Seriesheads to Dover this weekend for .

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Well, before you do, someone else has to place your odds. With this Sunday's Kobalt Tools 400 to be run at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, did you ever wonder who sets all .

Vegas Odds On Nascar 2015 | Las Vegas Nascar Betting Odds

Get valuable Vegas Odds On Nascar Racing that will get your heart racing. We provide the most accurate and up to date betting odds to ensure you're equipped for any race.

Kobalt Tools 400 betting odds: Top drivers usually prevail in .

Kobalt Tools 400 betting odds: Top drivers usually prevail in heavily bet race . The Las Vegas stop is annually the highest bet NASCAR race of the year, . Odds to .

NASCAR Odds for current season races

Live odds for current season NASCAR races. Sports. Home; . Vegas; How To Bet. Home; The . NASCAR betting also offers sports bettors the option of future odds on .

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NASCAR Betting Tips - The Basics of NASCAR Handicapping

NASCAR Betting Tips - The Basics of NASCAR Handicapping You are here

NASCAR is one of most underrated betting opportunities in all of sports. It is unique in that all of the information needed to make an informed bet is readily available. We hope to take some of the mystery out of this great sport (yes, sport).

Las Vegas and NASCAR

As popular as NASCAR racing has become around the country, Las Vegas has been slow to embrace the sport. Las Vegas sports books offer NASCAR, but more as a service to their customers than as a solid moneymaker. Remember, football and basketball are the kings of the sports betting world. The end result is that Las Vegas odds makers do not put much time into making their NASCAR betting lines. Less time means more chances for mistakes. That benefits you!

Types of NASCAR Bets:
  • Race winner - The most popular type of NASCAR bet is to choose the race winner. These bets are presented in the same manner as futures bets for the more traditional sports, where you get odds for each driver to win the race.
  • Match ups - These are also known as head-to-head match ups. Here, the linesmaker matches up two drivers against each other. You choose which one you think will finish higher in the race. These are money line bets, rather than point spread or futures bets.
  • Top five - You don't have to bet a driver to win. The top five bet is just what the name implies; you choose a driver to finish in the top five. It's similar to making a place or show bet in horse racing.
The Basics of NASCAR Handicapping:

The key elements of NASCAR handicapping are past performance on this week's track, current performance this year, practice session performance, and the driver performs on similar tracks.

Past performance on this week's track is similar to the horses-for-courses angle in horse racing. The Internet is full of sites where you can find finish information for past races. We like ( for our statistical needs. They have a section that shows the average finish position for all drivers in their last ten races at all NASCAR tracks.

Keep in mind that when we refer to drivers, we really mean "team." NASCAR drivers, while highly skilled, are only as good as their team. The margin for error is very small in racing. Teams that are in good form have consistently high finishes, while teams in poor form can struggle for weeks at a time.

Current form applies to the trend of drivers/teams over the past several weeks. You may want to track teams by their finish position over the past several weeks. Some NASCAR handicappers even use their own custom statistics. This isn't necessary, but you must know what drivers are in positive and negative trends.

NASCAR teams are in a constant fine tuning process. This means regular practice and testing of their cars. You can find practice and testing times for all drivers at ( Use this information to gauge how well prepared a team is for race day. Teams that practice and test well generally perform well on race day.

I liken the testing and practice runs as the equivalent of a golfer who plays practice rounds before a PGA tour event. Players and their caddies (golfers have teams too) make notes about the course to help them during the tournament. Race teams take the same approach when studying a race track for, as we will see in the next section, not all NASCAR tracks are the same.

To be successful at NASCAR wagering, it is very important to know which drivers fare better or worse on particular types of tracks. Before you can research this, however, you must first know the different NASCAR tracks.

Types of NASCAR tracks:
  • Super Speedways - These are also known as restrictor plate tracks. Speed is restricted and all cars are set to go the same speed. These tracks include Daytona and Talledega. NASCAR fans can tell you that Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. excel on this type of track.
  • Road Races - These tracks feature several turns rather than the standard oval shape. These races feature, in addition to the standard stable of drivers, Road Race specialists who focus on just these races. Jeff Gordon is well-known as a great road racer. Some of the lesser-known specialists include Boris Said, Ron Fellows and Scott Pruett.
  • Short Tracks - These are small oval tracks. Examples include Bristol and Martinsville. There are many solid short track drivers. Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin are two well-known drivers who are successful on the short track.
  • Intermediate Tracks - This is the most common type of NASCAR event. Intermediates are any track that is not a Super Speedway, Road Race or Short Track. Some of the younger, less experienced drivers have been successful on the intermediate tracks. Kasey Kahne, Ryan Newman and Jimmie Johnson are a few of the more well-known among this group of drivers.

NASCAR is a long season where trends change. Use the above information and a sound money management plan and start on your way to NASCAR betting profits. As always, think long-term profit and strive to make excellent value bets.

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NASCAR Betting Odds

LVSB mobile and Bovada Sportsbook have joined forces to generate the most complete odds and game matchups site on the Web. View the most up-to-date odds for all NFL Football, MLB baseball, NBA Basketball, NASCAR, NHL Hockey, WNBA Basketball, and NCAA college football and basketball games, updated every two minutes. Then click on our matchup pages, to find a comprehensively statistical preview of each game.

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BetUS Sportsbook and Bovada Sportsbook offers betting options on all NASCAR, Formula One, Indy Car and selected other races. Sports bettors can bet on match-ups or on odds to win the race.

NASCAR odds value can sometimes be found on other betting options like how many cautions a race will have, the number of the winning car, etc. Looking for value doesn’t always have to involve the obvious bets in NASCAR odds so keep that in mind. Look at some of the other options offered on the races each week. Tracks that have a history of wrecks could offer good value on the cautions option in NASCAR odds. Other tracks that see a lot of green flag racing might offer you a good bet on the under in terms of cautions on the NASCAR odds board. The bottom line is to look for value in NASCAR betting odds.


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Where to place a NASCAR bet DT? Las Vegas Forum

Where to place a NASCAR bet DT?

Arriving DT on Saturday evening. My hubby and son want me to place bets for the race on Sunday, plus for the championship. I know there are several DT casinos that I can do this at, but is there any difference from one place to another? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Although not downtown, the Sports Books with the best odds are The Stratosphere and The Hilton.

On Fremont St., I personally would use the Golden Nugget.

Thanks for the info! I don't know if I'll get to the strip before the race starts on Sunday, but if I canl I will. Otherwise, I'll check out the Nugget.

P.S. I like the new "picture".

In the back of Binions is a good book, with several nascar bets available.

Thanks mnotc. I'll check it out also.

Cousin Carl will win in Vegas this weekend.

Also, I've seen Nascar bets at the small sports book in the California. Tony almost won me some money last year at Texas

Breeze, thank You for adding the Sports Books in the Strip area, that's where I will be. Anybody else know of any? Of course, I want to place bets on the Nationwide and the Sprint Cup.

(had to edit, as I am watching the Bachelor and of course, I am betting on the hometown Charlotte girl "Emily")

I can't imagine a Vegas sportsbook, strip or not, that wouldn't be taking bets on NASCAR.

TG790: I knew any sportsbook would be taking bets on the race, but my question was if there was any difference from one place to another, as I'm not in the habit of making sports bets.

CarolinaSunny: Your hometown gal is still in the running. good luck with that one!

Thanks for your help everyone!

I hope you took my advice on cousin Carl because he just won it!

Where to place a NASCAR bet DT? - Las Vegas Forum

Kobalt 400, Nascar Online Betting

Kobalt 400 Kobalt 400

The 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup, not long ago that this race was called the Las Vegas 400, then briefly the Shelby 427, and now currently the Las Vegas Race!

Las Vegas race will get on its way the week after the Auto Club 500. The Las Vegas 400 is one of the most exciting stops on the NASCAR schedule since it’s just a few miles north of The Strip and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway sits like a diamond in the desert

It wasn’t long ago that this race was called the UAW-Dodge 400, then briefly the Shelby 427, to be changed to the Las Vegas 400, and now currently the Las Vegas Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, known as “The Diamond in the Desert”, is one of the most popular tracks in NASCAR. This 1.5 mile tarmac track has been home to both NASCAR and IndyCar racing.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway annually welcomes over 100,000 NASCAR fans to this event, bringing in the cream of the crop to compete for points in The Chase for the Sprint Cup. Over the years since its inception in 1998 the race formerly known as the UAW-Dodge 400 and the Shelby 427 has been a springboard for drivers like Jimmie Johnson (3 time winner), Jeff Gordon (2 time winner), and Matt Kenseth (2 time winner), to get the jump on the rest of the pack.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a complete racing complex. Situated on 1,600 acres are road courses, a three-eighths mile oval, a dirt track and a state-of-the-art drag racing facility. It was constructed as a 1.5-mile tri-oval with 12-degree banking in the turns, 3-degree banking on the 1,572-foot backstretch and 9-degree banking on the 2,275-foot front stretch. It plays host for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Las Vegas 400 as well as the Nationwide Series and Craftsman Truck Series events.

2011 Kobalt Tools 400 Winner

Carl Edwards picked up his first win of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season, as he won the Kobalt Tools 400 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

Edwards battled with Tony Stewart all day for the top spot, but a late two-tire pit stop allowed Edwards to get ahead of Smoke and he never looked back, cruising in for first while Stewart finished second.

2011 Kobalt Tools 400 Race Results

(i) Ineligible for Points in this Series

Las Vegas 400 Betting Results

In 2009, Kyle survived multiple restarts in the last ten laps but was never really in danger of giving the lead back in this one. Kyle rolled to the easy win.

Kyle Busch started from the back of the field after officially winning the pole, due to and engine change. He worked his way through a race that was punctuated with a record 14 cautions and then moved into the lead with 57 laps to go and remained close to the front until lap 22 when he took the lead for good. Kyle held off a hard-charging Clint Bowyer by .411-seconds to capture the checkered flag during the Shelby 427 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was his first win in Las Vegas, his hometown, in six Sprint Cup starts.

Here you will find a comprehensive 2011 Nascar Nextel Cup Schedule. Each season we will be updating this page with the current schedule and driver information.

While every effort is made to ensure that the Nextel Cup Gambling information displayed here is correct and up to date, we are not liable for any errors and it is your responsibility to check the Nextel Cup odds with the bookmaker before placing a bet.

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